Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Face and Outfit of the day

Hey my beautiful followers!
This is going to be my first outfit of the day post :O I know!! Um not really an exciting outfit of the day though, lol. Sorry! So today I'm at college for a couple of lessons, then spending the evening at Dean's... that's normally the way it goes! Haha. The photo's are clickable.

Grey jersey blazer - New Look
Striped bandeau top - Miss Selfridge
Jeggings - Tesco
Boots -
Watch - Sekonda at Argos

Rimmel lasting finish foundation,
Rimmel renew and lift powder,
MAC Breath of plum blush,
Barry M bronzer,
Elf eyebrow kit,
UD perversion and mushrrom e/s,
Maybelline Lash stiletto mascara,
Rimmel black khol pencil,
GOSH Darling lipstick
Vaseline rosy lips

Voila! I told you it wasn't anything special, lol. Have a great day guys!!


  1. Lovely outfit :) I think I'm gonna have to look at the sekonda watches! x

  2. Love the blazer! I think Ive heard of New Look before, but I have no idea if there'sa store where I live.. but the name is so fimiliar!

    Rimmel Lasting Finish + Renew and Lift Powder = Fav Foundation combo!

    Do you have any idea if the Lasting Finish foundation is oil free or non comedogenic? I mean, apart from the "mineral enriched formula" does it have any skin benefits? lol

  3. Okay i want your watch top and boots :D
    You look great lovely!

    I love white watches :):) xx

  4. love this outfit, very cute :) I have the boots in brown! looking gorgeous as ever too
    Steph x

  5. Lovely outfit! I need to get that watch, I want it in black and white though haha

    By the way hun I sent you an e-mail but don't know if you've got it yet xx

  6. you look lovely! :) would you recommend the Maybelline Lash stiletto mascara or do you have a different fav one?

    xx Nikki

  7. @Katy - yeah defs go and check out the Sekonda watches... they have a really good range and I always get compliments on this watch :)

    @Lorien - I don't know is the New Look stores are actually based outside of the UK but I know for sure that they deliver internationally, including Australia :) On the foundation front - I'm not sure it has any other benefits other than the 'mneral enriched formula'... I'm pretty sure it's oil free, though.

    @Abby, Steph & Kelly - Thank you girls!

    @Nik - Thank you hun. If you're looking for length I'd DEFINITELY recommend this mascara. It really does add length. If you're looking for volume too I'd say use the rimmel volume flash over the top... I find they're a really good combo :)


  8. I have that jacket, wooo love it :) x

  9. I LOVE
    alot of their stuff featured on my wishlist blogpost other day.
    (L) Gorgeous outfit.

  10. Adorable, I love the watch!

  11. I think you look really pretty and love the outfit!

    i am now following your blog!

  12. Ooh gorg outfit hun.
    Love the grey blazer from New Look - i saw this the other day and thought it was awesome! and great value!
    I heart the 'J12' esque watch as well :) hehe
    Milly xx


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