Friday, 26 February 2010

Face of the day, shopping!

Hello girlies :)
I'm doing a bit of shopping today... not for me though *sad face*, one of my friends has recently moved into their own flat, so I'm off to buy some moving in gifts! :) Thought I'd do a quick post showing the make up of the day... and also my most favourrrrrite of the NYX round lipsticks I got! It's absolute love.

What I used...
Revlon colorstay
Rimmel renew and lift powder
Boujours blush in Rose De Jaspe
Boujours blish in Lune D'or (as a highlight

Benefit creaseless cream in Bunny Hop
UD e/s in Sphynx
UD e/s in YDK
GOSH Liquid liner
Me me me Fat Cat Lashes mascara
Barry M white Khol Pencil
UD 24/7 liner pencil in Zero
Elf brow kit

NYX round lipstick in Strawberry Milk



  1. Wow you're gorgeous! I just got that same NYX lipstick but the color is so wrong for me, it looks beautiful on you though :)

    Random side note, I have that exact same giant Hello Kitty as in your top right picture, heehee.

  2. Oh wow, that eyeshadow is gorgeous!
    I love your hair, its adorable

    Love Elizaa x

  3. @Heather - Thank you hun :) Hmm, strawberry milk is quite controversial haha, my sister tried it on and it just didn't work for her! :O Where did you get your hello kitty? I want one soooo much <3 lol. xoxo

    @Tennille - Thank you chick :D xoxo

    @Eliza - I hardly ever wear my hair curly, it's so much effort for me lol. But I may just start wearing it like this more often :) xoxo

  4. Beautiful look hun! Love the winged eyeliner. Your hair looks fab too by the way x

  5. @Kelly - I feel naked without a winged eyeliner! Thank you :) xoxo

  6. You look really pretty :) Love your eyes! XO

  7. There's a Hello Kitty store in the mall where I live, it's not an actual Sanrio store but it's mostly Hello Kitty. It's not part of a franchise or anything. But my boyfriend got it for me from there for my birthday :3


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