Monday, 15 February 2010

HOT Hair

Bonjour dolls!
I've become increasingly bored of my hair... constantly trying out new looks, new techniques so on, and I thought I'd do a quick little post about my favourite celebrities hair! I was going to do 5, but I couldn't narrow the last one down, so I've ended up with 4. Here they are :)

 #1 - Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is pretty much a legend when it comes down to her hair. Especially in my eyes. Her hair always looks effortlessly perfect, which I am so jelous of. The honey blonde shades in her hair compliment her sun kissed skin perfectly and she has the beach wave look down to a T as seen in photo 1. It's quite rare to see Jen with her hair up, but she looks just as lovely as you can see from picture 2. My favourite look has to be the last photo, I love this kind of a bo-ho look and I think it suits her so well!

#2 - Eva Mendes
I think Eva is one of the most beautiful women, ever. She can work a messy updo (picture one) or a slick, polished updo (picture 2) with great ease... and they both look amazing! She varies her hair colour and length quite frequently and I'm more than envious that it seems she can never get it wrong!

#3 - Jessica Simpson
I've been a huuuuge fan of Jessica ever since the Newlyweds days, in particular her beautiful blonde locks! I especially love her retro updo in the third photo and also the last picture which I took inspiration from the last time I had the chop (I had long hair before and it's taking ages to grow back out!). Its looks like she can sport any style, and look fab!

#4 - Lauren Conrad
Straight hair looks good on pretty much everyone. But what Lauren can do is look good with both long and short poker straight hair, which not everyone can do. In the bottom row of pictures you can see the hairstyles she's normally seen wearing. Gorgeous bo-ho style. I think Lauren really started the trend for loose beach waves and braiding. And you can see why so many people jumped on the band wagon - it's stunning!

So these are my top 'hair crushes'... who are yours?


  1. I LOVE Jennifer Aniston's hair! Always so jealous of the colour of it too.

    Also love Reese Witherspoon's hair!

  2. Jessica S. is so beautiful, love her blonde locks.


  3. Aniston looked better 15 years ago.

  4. I love all of their hair! :)
    I love ur blog soo much and u are really pretty! :)
    pls check out my blog

  5. OMG I loveeeeee Lauren Conrad's Hair!!! I want long and thick her like her so badly!

    Thanks for posting this :)


  6. not really a fan of their hair, except for LCs! but like series 2 of the hills, when it was highlighted and stuff :)

    i love blake livelys! and lara bingles!!! annnnndddddd think thats all?

  7. I love Jessica Simpsons hair and another person who has great hair in my eyes is Cheryl Cole

  8. jennifer anistons hair looks amazing all the time, i love it! x

  9. I like Lauren Conrad's hair in the 2nd pic. Not too short or long, and it's straight and sleek.

  10. I love Lauren Conrad's hair!
    A hair crush of mine is actually Miley Cyrus (ha!) and
    I'm a huge fan of the Olsen twins' hair too!

    Eliza @

  11. I love Lauren Conrad's hair too! It looks so pretty in every picture ♥

  12. I love Eva Mendes' hair in the photo with the red dress, it looks amazing! Lauren Conrad's hair is just..ok. I mean it looks GOOD, but it also looks rather ordinary if you get what I mean?


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