Sunday, 7 February 2010

Inspired: Rock Chick

Hello girlies.
So the first 'inspired' look I did was peacock. This night I went for rock chick. As the title says... this is just inspired, it isn't as dramatic as proper rock chick make up stylie :) (mainly because I can't pull it off!) One of my friends has just moved into her own flat with her boyfriend so she ahd a little celebratory gathering on saturday night. I felt like something a bit different - although I wear eyeliner of some sort everyday... I only really wear it in small ammounts. Plus I think that that black rimmed eyes are really attractive... there's just something about them. Just me? Lol! So yeah... here goes.

This look is superrrrr simple for anyone to achieve and it really does suit most. If you have small eyes I wouldn't really recommend this though as black closes up the eye. If you are going to do this and you have small eyes, I'd suggest lining your waterline with a white or nude liner and then continue with the black underneath.

I kept the face make up really simple and half way dewy to let the eyes do the talking. I used:
- GOSH velvet touch primer
- Revlon colorstay
- Rimmel stay matte powder
- Boujours blush in 'rose de jaspe'
- Tea tree moisturiser on the top of my cheekbones (dewy effect)
- Boujours blush in 'lune d'or' (on top of moisturiser to highlight)

Ovbiously the eyes are the main feature of this make up look. I used:
- Rimmel exagerate liquid liner (top lash line, slightly winged)
- Sleek palette, the black (sweeped over the liquid liner line and a bit above for smudged effect)
- UD 24/7 liner in 'zero' (waterline and bottom lashline, then smudged it down a tiny bit)
- Maybelline collosal mascara in ultra black

The lips are really nude and understated. I used:
- Rimmel blemish stick concealer (dabbed on and blended)
- Neutrogena lip blam (to make the concealer less dry on my lips)



  1. This is gorgeous. Ahhh i always have black lined bf often says i look like a bushbaby because my eyes are quite big and i line in white and then black. (:

    Lovellyyyy look :) xxxx

  2. Your eyes look amazing here. Great look! xoox

  3. So pretty! Love how this looks.

  4. very pretty :) you pull it off well x

  5. Gorgeous hun. This look really suits you! xx

  6. B E A U T I F U L !!

    Lots of love,

  7. I love this look! I can't pull it off at all but it looks beautiful on you! xo

  8. Hey dollface I've tagged you!!

  9. You have such gorgeous feline cat eyes!! gorgeous! the liner totally brings them out,

    you should like style your hair in half up, half down, but sorta like a WAAAY LESSSSS dramatic version of Amy Wino's beehive! sorta like Duffy??? Thatd look awesome I reckon! Just whip out some dry shamp and stuff :D x

  10. oh and ps. i love rimmel exxagerrate liquid liner! the felt tip is so gorgeous! goes on so well, and stays! i think its my HG liner, although Ive never tried any "high end" brands, IVe tried LOADS of drugstore, like Loreal Bourjois FOA ettcccc


  11. Love this look! Your eyes look amazing X

  12. wow you are stunning chick...your make-up is flawless LOVE IT!!!! XxXx

  13. this is one of my favorite looks, and you do it so well :)


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