Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Mini haul

I've been trying to cut back on spending a bit, which has kind of made me less inspired to blog. But I do have some product raves and a make-up look coming up :) So yesterday my boyfriend had the day off work, so we went shopping together. I only got a couple of bits so I thought I'd share it with you guys :)

First up, Primark...
I got these two swing style tops, for £4 each. They also have a blue, green and yellow one. I couldn't decide whether or not to get the yellow one - I'll probably go back and pick it up. I love wearing yellows in the summer!
You can see it more clearly on the white one, but they both have a small loose pocket on the bust. I think these are such a good way to throw together a casual look.

I got another one of these cami's for £1.50 in a gorgeous electric blue. The top picture didn't represent the colour so I put in the bottom one :) These cami's fit so nicely and are also pretty long which I love.

Yup, it's those flip flops that everyone wears in summer! Apart from this year Primark have added a twist with the plaited braid. I thought this was really cute :) These were £2. I'm going to have to go back and get some of their glad sandals which are only £4!!

I couldn't leave town without popping into LUSH to get some of the Valentine's goodies...
I couldn't bear to miss out on the valentine's collection at LUSH. I think this is their best collection for a while!! Everything smells great and looks really sweet! I got 'the ex factor' which smells a lot like Butterball for £1.95 and I just had to get 'magic mushroom' which was £2.25. The red part smells like strawberry and the white part like vanilla. I think I'll be getting some more of the magic mushrooms because they are one of my favourite smelling things... like, ever?!

The lady also gave me a sample of Herbalism. I might do a review on this, what you guys think?

Any of you been doing some mid-week shopping? Already preparing for summer, lol?


  1. Great haul! i need to get myself to primark.
    I agree the mushrooms are amazing! I need to stock up on these!!


  2. everything you've bought is lovely, I need to go to Primark soon! Seen so many nice things on different blogs and on youtube, haven't been for ages :) x

  3. Great haul hun! I did a spot of shopping myself yesterday, brought a pair of jeans, 3 pairs of leggins, some goodies from lush and some foundation! x

  4. HA did you go to the same Lush as me? I bought exactly the same and got the same sample! =) I love those flip flops - I have bought them all ready for the summer... I have about 6 pairs! Love them!! x

  5. @Lauren - I think everyone will be stocking up on those beauts! Even the lady at the counter had to look inside and have a sniff, lol!

    @Katy - Defs get to Primark, they've got some really nice things atm... escpecially footwear and jewelery! :)

    @Kelly - I'm in need of some new leggings too. No successful shopping trip is complete without a bita LUSH ;)

    @Pyxiee - Haha!! What a co-inkydink. It's got to be done really... they're so cheap!!


  6. I was in Lush the other day for the first time in years and ended up with a huge amount of products, including Angels on Bare Skin and the Ocean scrub. Am definitely keen to try them out. I go off shopping for January, then have a 2wk blitz in Feb, and then stop shopping again for Lent. It's tough!

  7. ehehehe You guys call sandals FLIP FLOPS! thats awesome :) lol

    Love the uhh "flipflops" :) I got some today aswell :) I kinda like yours better though!

    Def do a review on the herbalism :)

  8. @scarlettholly - I have to be careful not to get carried away in LUSH otherwise I'd spend far too much! Lol.

    @Lorien - ha! I didn't realise we called them a funny name, lol that's made me laugh!


  9. Hi, great haul! Unfortunally we don't have lush here :(


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