Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New celeb style crush

Morning girls!
So yup, I have a new celeb crush! Lea Michele. For those of you who watch Glee you will instantly know who she is, if you don't... then you'll probably still recognise her for the amazing frocks she's been donning at the grammys and golden globes. I'm not a huge fan of Glee - controversial, I know. But I think Lea is stunningly beautiful and has definitely got some serious style! I've loved every single thing I've seen her wearing. Here are some pictures of outfits I particularly loved.

How beautiful is that canary yellow against her skin tone?!?!

I think these two dresses are unbelievably beautiful. That emerald green is so gorgeous!

I envy how beautiful she is...

Are you loving Glee, or not see what the big fuss is about? Have you got any new style crushes?


  1. WOW, She is so gorgeous, i love the dress next to the emerald green one <3
    Oh, and ive never seen Glee!! :) xxx Great Post xxx

  2. Love Glee, and love Lea.
    She's so gorgeous.

  3. I only watches one episode of Glee. It was good but didn't get me watching another one. I may buy the dvd when it comes out though.

    She is so gorgeous, fab clothes too!

  4. I havent watched GLEE yet but I really want too! & I totaly agree shes gorgeous and has such good taste in clothes! XO

  5. I love Glee, it's amazing! Every episode is magical (:

    Lea's stylist should get a raise! She's been dressing fantastic lately.


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