Thursday, 4 February 2010

Skin MD; review

[Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free. However, this is my honest and true opinion from my experience using it. Although I did not pay for the item, I have not been paid to do this review. Nor am I affliliated with this company.]

So, a little while ago I was contacted through e-mail by a lovely someone from the company SKIN MD. They asked if I would like them to send me some of their Face, Hand & Body shielding lotion to see what I thought and to possibly do a review. Of course, I said yes! So the package came a while ago in the post and I wanted to use it for a while to get a true idea of how much it works and how I like it.

Now I know a lot of bloggers have been doing reviews on this product... but it never hurts to get a second opinion, ey? :)

It comes in a 120 ml bottle, I thought it would be much bigger but this is not a problem as I'll go on to explain. I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert on the ingredients and the likes of this product but you can read a bunch of stuff on it at there website here. Skin MD will ship internationally and for a 120ml bottle $18... around £11.

I've been using this everyday for about 14 days on different parts of my body to tell you about how it works on each. You can use this moisturiser on practically every area of the body.

I've been using this instead of my night cream, as it's very moisturising. First off, a bit of a warning... a little goes a long way. You seriously only need the tiniest amount of this stuff to see a massive difference. I was a slightly worried as I have oily skin and this is a very nourishing moisturiser, but it sank into my skin so, so quickly! It's quite liquidy in consistency, but spreads out very well. It left my face feeling super soft and just as soft when I woke up in the mornings too.

I also tried using this is the mornings as a make up base. However, for my skin I think it was a little bit too much even though it did create a really smooth base for my make up to glide on. If I had dry skin I wouldn't think twice about using this as a base, it would make a fab base for those with dry/flaky skin.

I've been using this pretty much on the whole of my body, but mainly my legs. As soon as I got out the shower or bath, I'd use this on my legs. It didn't sting like a lot of moisturisers do after shaving, and I actually found that it prevented irritation that I usually get from shaving... it also stopped ingrown hairs from rearing their ugly heads!! It keeps my legs hydrated throughout the day and leaves them looking and feeling silky. I'll deffinitely continue to use this on my body!

This is probably how I used this moisturiser the most - on my hands. With the harsh weather I've been getting pretty dry hands and especially my cuticles, which is never a pretty look, lol. I put a tiny amount onto the palm of my hands and rub in, including my cuticles. Once it's sunken in your hands feel so silky, I can't even explain to you how nice they feel! It isn't really frangranced unless you put your hand right up to your nose whilst it's still sinking in. If you do, it kinda smells like dentists :/ but once it's sunk in the smell dissapears.

Overall I give this product 5/5!! I really loved using it, and I actually felt/saw results. Anyone with dry skin - I think this is a must. I seriously think this would cure anyone's scaly skin, lol!!

Skin MD have offered to host a giveaway for me to my subscribers. Would this be something you guys are interested in? Let me know in the comments below and I'll get that sorted out for you :)


  1. I'm slightly upset because I'm waiting for my bottle to arrive and I still haven't received it. I think they have sent me a second bottle to review but it's only got 4 days to get here before I contact them again and say it's been lost in the post. And I so wanted to review it!

    Glad you like the lotion, a giveaway is definitely something I'm willing to go for. :) x

  2. Sounds really good especilayy for legs

  3. I've nominated you for an award! xx


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