Thursday, 25 March 2010

3 quick and easy hairstyles

Hello ladies :)
Well, todays post is going to be hair related, I don't think I've ever done one before? So it's overdue really isn't it? Lol. Anyways, I get increasingly bored of the 'usual' hairstyles... but it's simply because I always think other styles take too much time. This isn't the case and I thought I'd share 3 hairstyles I achieved in about 5 minutes for each? And they all come from the same idea or 'base' if you like :) Here goes... PHOTOS ARE CLICKABLE

1- 'The Base'
I've been wearing my hair just like this quite a lot recently. It's so simple to do, but really effective... I think. It's sort of a toned down Amy Winehouse? Lol. To achieve this look I just section off the top part of my crown and backcomb the whole lot, smoothing a brush over the top afterwards. Then I just simple take both my hands and sweep it to the back and secure with a clip :) Simples!

2- Low Side Pony
Take the same steps as you did for the first hairstyle, then just pull the left over hair to the side and tie! This is easy to dress up with some cute hair accessories, or you could even curl your hair... the possibilities are endless :)

3- Low Side Messy Bun
This looks a lot more complicated than it really is. I took the hairstyle number 2, then sectioned the ponytail making a loop with each section and securing it to my head with bobby pins. Another great one to add accessories too. It literally took 5 minutes! Great for a wedding I think? Or any kind of formal :)

As you can see, these hairstyles are so versatile. There are tonnes of other looks you could make with just 'the base'. They're all really quick, and anyone could do them, easily. Hair accessories would look great with all of them.

Do you tend to get in a hair rut?


  1. These are beautiful hairstyles :)
    definately going to do the first one, and I love your hair too :)

  2. I really like all of these styles - im usually always in a hair rut and really want a new style as my hair is sooo boring. Any ideas? lol

  3. you pull off all of them! looking lovely x

  4. aww they are all so pretty :) my fave is the messy bun! love it xx

  5. I liked this post alot, i'm always up for new hairstyles :) I do a low messy side bun quite often, but mine never turns out right. And if it does, it takes many attemps. I think that yours looks really gorgeous though! xo

  6. Biiiiiiiig fan of the base! it's easy, simple and super quick and makes it look like you've made an effort when there is minimum required. x


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