Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Alice in Wonderland - Book of Shadows

Hello :)
I said I'd probably do a seperate post on this, and I am... I know this is all over blogs and youtube but I honestly love this so much. When I paid for it in Debenhams I heard angels singing, ha! Okay maybe not, but I really, really love this. I'm so happy I got it, I think it's adorable! So now, down to the good shiz, I'm sorry the swatches are a bit rubbish. My new camera is an absolute fail at focussing so I had to use the old one. Which also has seemed to stop wanting to focus. Oh well, what you gonna do...

So this is what the beauty looks like. It has a sweet pop up scene of the mushroom garden :) LOVE it. The photos are clickable so if you want to see them larger, just press them.

This is the overview of the colours. It comes with 16 shades, 2 eyeliners and a mini primer potion. In the next pictures I've put the original names at the top in brackets, the bottom names are the ones that have been chosen for this limited edition palette.

I can only apologise for the swatches :( Have you guys got this? Do you loveeee it, or did it not really make an impression?


  1. I got mine through the post yesterday :) I'm chuffed to bits with it - definitely purchase of the month! x

  2. you're so lucky to have this palette! the middle 2 rows look amazing! and the other 2 rows would be fun to play around with! :)

  3. @Miss Lipton - Completley agree with you! xoxo

  4. @Lorien - That's what i was thinking, gonna be try out some fun looks with the top and bottom rows :) xoxo

  5. Good luck with your driving hun, you'll love it! xx

  6. @Tabitha - Thank you hun, that was really sweet of you!! :D xoxo

  7. Eeek! I loooove this. I got mine the other day and Love it too much to start using! Weird?!


  8. Ahh I'm so jealous, I desperately want/need one. x


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