Monday, 15 March 2010

Bakery fail (ish)

Afternoon ladies :)
I'm feeling so groggy today, I'm full of cold, my heads all stuffy and all that nassssstay stuff, but ah well life goes on. I thought a bit of baking would cheer me up - and it seemed to do the trick. Just so you can all have a little chuckle you can have a little peak at my attempted fairy cakes, lol!

The ones that I'm semi proud of!

And a group picture with rejects and all...

They taste pretty good though! The icing was a tad too runny - that was my downfall. 'Must try harder' comes to mind! Lol.


  1. haha i fail at bakery too! they look yummy tho (:,X

  2. They look good! Whaddaya talkin bout? ):


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