Monday, 22 March 2010

Beautiful summer skin : Body

Hey dolls :)
Woohoo, summer is coming up soonish (I like to be optimistic, lol), and the sun has actually been shining where I live! So naturally it's time to start getting my skin ready for summer. Just gonna do a quick little post on how I do that...

Step 1: Exfoliate
This is such an important step that many people leave out. This will help fake tan look a lot more natural and stay patch free for much longer! It also gets rid of the top layer of dead skin cells, which obviously you don't want on your legs and body. I've heard that expfoliating also helps lotions and moisturisers to skin in - meaning more hydration for your skin! There are tonnes of exfoliating products out there, but I just opt for a loofah :)

Step 2: Shave/Wax
Obviously this step is personal. You may like to shave, wax or use creams. I just shave, as for me it's so much quicker and cheaper!! I'd suggest investing in a good razor because for me, that does make a difference. If you do shave... the exfoliating step will help you out as it gets the hair folicles moving and the hairs will stand on end - which means you're able to get the closest shave possible.

Step 3: Fake Tan
This could be a moisturising build up tan, or just full out Saint Tropez! Coming up to summer I use Dove's summer glow, I find it doesn't have an orangey tone or the biscuity scent, which is a big thumbs up for me! Once it gets to summer I'll get out in the sun and ditch the fake tan. If it's a slow summer, I'll keep my Dove summer glow close!!

Step 4: Moisturise

Use a light moisturiser in the summer. It's really important to switch because your skin needs different things at different times of the year. Moisturising will also help that real or fake tan last a hell of a lot longer!

Step 5: PROTECT!!!
Please, please, please ladies, protect yourself against the sun! If the threat of skin cancer doesn't put you off... what about looking older and leathery at 30?! Not good to go out there in the sun without protecting your skin. You'll have your skin for life - so look after it!

Step 6: Work out
Ha! I LOVE this picture!! No but seriously, I know that a tan is slimming but if you work out and just tighten up a bit, you'll be more confident and you'll also feel better for it!

Happy summer prepping ladies!


  1. Great post. I cant be doing with waxing, so shave too and have found that the gillette fusion for men is awesome. I stole my husbands, and have now had to buy myself one as it is far superior to the gilette womens ones! xx

  2. Brill post - like that last picture :)

  3. Lovelyyyyyy post, making it nice and simple :)

  4. Can't wait for summer! I love that last pic :) x

  5. @missmascara1983 - I use that exact same razor!! Haha! Mens razors always seem to work so much better?! xoxo

    Thank you girls! I'm glad you liked the post/found it useful :)


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