Thursday, 4 March 2010

Blue skies!

Hello girls,
I don't know about you lot but Brighton has had about 4 sunny days in a row :O!! Blue skies and fluffy white clouds - a site I love to see. This ispired my make up look today. I really do neglet blues, I very, very rarely wear blue on my eyes, so yup I thought I would and use my Alice in Wonderland BOS at the same time, what a fab excuse to crack out the blue! :)

In the bottom photo it looks more greyish tones, but I think that's just the flash playing tricks. It showed up the shimmer nicely though :)

Just a look I wore to college today, and then tonight I'm going out for a meal with the family so I'll probably just darken it up a bit on the outside corner and add some smudge khol on the bottom lashline.

What I used...
Revlon colorstay, no setting powder - I'm craving a dewy look!
Barry M bronzer compact
MAC blush in Springsheen

UD Vorpal (s&m) e/s all over the lid
UD Alice (painkiller) e/s on the outer 3/4's
UD Jabberwocky (oilslick) e/s on the out corner and crease
Rimmel exagerate liquid liner
Barry M black khol pencil
Rimmel max volume mascara
Elf brow kit

Maybelline Ambre Rose l/s

Have you been seeing blue skies? Has it inspired you to do something you usually wouldn't?


  1. Love this look! Blue eyes on a sunny day = lush!

  2. Blue is such a tricky colour to use but you used it just right! pretty :p

  3. You look gorgeous! Your eyes look really pretty :) XO

  4. Thanks everyone, glad you like it because I was a bit :/ hmm about it, lol. xoxo

  5. I love it! I can't pull off blue myself but you look wonderful ^^


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