Friday, 12 March 2010

DHL... are the devil.

Hello followers :)
I ordered from MAC a couple days ago, and I checked my package's status online and it said it was on it's way so I was excited to get my mitts on it. Of course, I stayed in to wait for my already much loved black box. Well, then I found a 'sorry you were out' card. Erm? No I wasn't!!! Another case of the driver not even bothering to knock on the door :O So after waiting a bit longer I finally got my MAC package and I was a happy bunny again :D

I'm almost 100% sure you will have seen all of these products before, but I thought I'd show you anyway. I'm always interested to see what people pick out, even if I've seen them before. So hopefully someone else is too, lol. If you want any further swatches/reviews with any of these items let me know in the comments and I'll get that sorted :) So here we go...

(please excuse my fingerprints!)
Studio Finish Concealer: £12.50
You probably (or maybe didn't) saw my post a week or so ago, asking what shade you were compared with your Revlon Colorstay. I was going to go and check - but I can't stand the staff in my local MAC!! So I did more research and took the plunge. And suprisingly - it's a perfect match! So excited to try this out, as the only concealer I've ever used is Rimmel Hide The Blemish!!

Fix+ : £11.00
I've been wanting this for a while, and it even appeared in my latest 'wishlist' post. So I'm happily to finally have it :) I've have quite high hopes for this, so I hope it won't let me down! What are your thoughts on Fix+?

Angel Frost Lipstick: £12.50
A favourite among beauty bloggers, youtube guru's and apparently Kim Kardashian! Jelousy completley takes over me when I see this on blogs or videos, so I thought it was about time I got it myself. It was worth the wait, a beautiful pink :)

Pink Swoon Sheertone Blush: £16.50
It looks pretty scary in the pan, but I think we all know this is a gorgeous light pink. It also seems quite bright in the swatch, but once it's blended it leaves a beautiful glow. I was going to order Well Dressed instead as it's a Satin and I only own Sheertones and Sheertone Shimmers. But I don't know? The name swayed me in all honesty, lol!

I'd call this a very successful order from MAC. I wish it was more of an often occurance, but it's just so pricey :( I don't regret ordering at all though, because MAC has not dissapointed me yet (touch wood). Make up purchases are gonna have to fall by the wayside for a bit now.


  1. Lovely haul, I really want to try fix+. xx

  2. Great haul, I love using fix + :) XO

  3. Great I love using studio finish concealer (not too great for summer b/c it tends to melt & run) & fix+ is great if you are using e/s that has a lot of fall-out.

  4. Angel is a great color. I don't have it yet because I have A Rose Romance which is meant to be a dupe. I use Fix every single day - I spritz it onto my foundation brush before blending my foundation and it makes a big difference in how it applies and feels on my skin. It's also good for using with pigments. You won't regret it!


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