Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Favourites of the moment!

Hello my beautiful followers,
I'm gonna do a quick post (I say this but it'll still be long) of my favourites at the moment. I would do monthly favourites type posts but you know what? My favourites dont change all that often! So when they do, I'm gonna do a post like this :)

1) Elf eyebrow kit: So I did a review on this a while back (click here) and I didn't give it a bashing as such, but lets just say I didn't exactly rave about it. However, I started to use it again a little while ago and I've been using it everyday ever since! I don't use the powder but I do use the wax. I think it's a fantastic little thing and the brush that comes with it is actually quite good! Big thumbs up for that.

2) Bio Oil: This is a product that everyone knows about. You either use it yourself, or know someone that does. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago, because of the skin stretching and sucking back in it resulted in a few stretch marks. My sister recommended this and I've never looked back for scars/stretch marks. The other day I was reading the bottle and it said uneven skin tone, which I suffer from. I was debating with myself whether or not to use this on my face, as I have pretty oily skin. I decided I would and now I replace it with my night cream about twice a week. Honestly? My skin tone has evened out a huge ammount. I'm really pleased with how this is working. If anyone wants more details on that or whatever, pop a comment below.

3) NYX round lipstick in Strawberry Milk: I'm loving this colour. It's a gorgeous pale pink that I think suits my colouring really, really well. I've used this a hell of a lot since I got it and I'd defs say it's my fave one I got (nyx haul here).

4) Boujours round pot blush in Lune D'or: I'm a really big fan of these blushes, they last forever, good price and stay put for the day. I actually use this one as a highlighter as it's quite a pale pink. It's got small glitters in it, which makes it such a fab highlighter. I'm really loving this!

5) Barry M bronzer compact: I've never liked bronzer all that much, but thought I'd give this a shot. It's really subtle and even if you think you've put too much on the brush - it's actually really sheer. Veyr buildable as well, and for me its the perfect bronzer colour... not too brown, not orange but not so sheer that it's virtually invisible. Bit pricey for a drugstore bronzer at £10, but hey ho it's a brill product :)

What are you faves right now?


  1. Bio-oil is amazing. butt, for a cheaper alternative I use Rescue Oil from Poundland. x

  2. I've never tried Bio Oil as I really didn't think it could change stretch marks that much.

    Interesting reviews :)


  3. I gotta try bio oil, as I have some stretch marks on my belly :(

  4. I've seen/heard of bio oil but didn't think it really worked or made THAT much of a difference..I want to try some now ha.

  5. I really want to try bio-oil now...might have to get some :] xo

  6. @Natalie - Thanks for the tip! I didn't even know a cheaper alternative exsisted! I think I'll have to pop in a see if I can get some :)

  7. ive never heard of bio-oil but if it really does what you said.. i need it haha <3

  8. Oh I forgot to add this when I was writing my post... if you're interested in buying Bio-Oil it is quite pricey from stores (worth it because it's pretty much ever lasting) but there is a website that has it at lower prices :)


  9. Bio Oil is easily one of my most favorite goodies in the world!!!

  10. i love Bio Oil ... i also use in the bath and it makes all my skin smooth! Ive never thought of using it on my face .. good idea!


  11. maybe you could share a story of your weight loss :) it would help some of us as you are gorgeous now :)
    xx Annie


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