Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Jukupop & Truffle Shuffle

Hiya :D
I have no idea why, but atm I'm so into T-Shirts, as in slogan T-Shirts. I just really want to blow some cash and get some! But I'm trying to save for a holiday and a laptop, so I'm resisting although it's killing me! My favourite websites to get T-Shirts are Jukupop and Truffle Shuffle. Here's a few I have my eye on... *this will be picture heavy*

First up, Jukupop...
Every girl loves a superhero, £24.99

Superman, £24.99

Omnipeace, £28.99
T-Shirt brand Junk Food have collaborated with charity Omnipeace who are trying to end poverty by 2025. They won't get any money from this t-shirt, and it's super cute too!

Rocking out, £22.50

Sesame Street, £24.99

Spiderman heart, £24.99

And now Truffle Shuffle...
Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit, £24.99

Daddy I want a pony, £24.99

Cheerio for now!


  1. They are all awesome! Especially love the "Everygirl loves a superhero" and the "Rocking Out" ones. Think I am gonna have to go and have a sneaky look on the sites now! xx

  2. I love all of those especially the alice in wonderland and sesame street ones! I wish I wore t shirts more. xo

  3. Super cute tee's! I am a HUGE tee fan, thanks for introducing me to these sites x


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