Monday, 8 March 2010

Want, want, want...

Hiya dolls,
Doesn't it always seem to go that whenever you're trying to save money... you want a hella lotta things?!?! Hmm, well it does for me lol. So instead of actually going out and impulse buying I make wishlists, then a few days later I look back and think 'hmm I don't really want that anymore' or I'll think 'aaaaah I have to have it' So sometimes they're a blessing... sometimes they're a curse! Ha. So yup I though I'd share my current wants with you guys :)

Earring rack
I want one of these bad boys!! I think they look kinda pretty, and would look good on my dresser or a shelf... plus it's practical! I have earrings in a hundred different places and one of these would just bring them all together.

Pineapple sweat pants
I'm the sort of person, that when I get in I just want to take all my make up off and get into a pair of sweat pants... all of mine are just knackered now I suppose and I'm really liking these ones from Pineapple :)

Motif tee, Dorothy Perkins
I think this t-shirt is adorable!! Especially for those days you can't really be bothered, but you still wanna look good. I'd just throw a blazer of a cardigan over this and wear with jeans/leggings/jeggins etc.

Benefit Boi-ing concealer
My rimmel blemish stick is on it's last legs :( I always repurchase that - just because for me, it does it's job and it's cheap. I keep hearing amazing things about this, and I just wanna try it out!

Benefit Highbeam
This product has been on my wishlist for absolutely ages. Benefit are really floating my boat recently... I think their products are really high quality and the packaging is always so sweet. I like quite heavy coverage, and using Revlon Colorstay does leave you with that super matte finish and I've really just been wanting a bit of 'glow'... I'm sure I'll pick this up in the future.

Elf blush/bronzer duo
A poor mans NARS duo? Yup. Basically self explanitory. I don't have a blush and bronzer duo in my collection so I think it's about time I had one. Mainly because this will save up alot of space in my make up bag, which always means more can be carried around ;)

Elf Golden bronzer
Ever since I recieved my first order from Elf (click here) I've been pining for some more things. I've never really been a bronzer girl, but I've been getting more into it since I got the Barry M bronzer compact. Barry M are usually relatively cheap, but their bronzer is £10 :O This is only £3.50, and from what I've heard these are pretty good bronzers. Way to go Elf!

DKNY Be Delicious fresh blossom
I smelt this the other day whilst browsing in Debenhams and I much prefer it to any of the other Be Delicious'. I mean, I like the others but they're not really something I'd wear, this I would.

MAC Pink Swoon
This looks so gorgeous on everybody I've seen wearing it. At the moment my blushes are all sort of on the same kinda shade, and this isn't one of them. It looks so pretty.

MAC Fix +
I've been umming and ahhing about this for like, forever? It's only around £11 which for MAC I think is a great deal... and you get all this product! Which means it'll last ages, right? I like the idea of setting my make up with it but I don't really know any other uses for it? How do you guys use and and would you recommend it?

So that's my wishlist of the moment. Pretty long, sorry it was in no particular order lol. I'm still getting the lottery every week in hope of winning it... I'd be greatful for even a tenner! But nope. Are you guys wanting a bunch of stuff, or have you just recently gone on a major splurge?

*i do not own any of the photo's on this post. if any of them belong to you and you would like me to take them down/link back to you then please get in touch*


  1. I'm exactly the same! I'm trying to save but have such an urge to buy things at the moment, I'm just making wish lists lol

  2. I'm trying to save money too... and somehow I keep ending up at the mall every week! Ugh, so frustrating lol :) I also want to try MAC pink swoon, i've seen alot of gals wearing it on their blogs and it looks so beautiful on them! xo

  3. Aww I love that Tee, it's so cute (:
    my frd owns boi-ing, she says it's not bad but thinks it's a lot for a concealer

    ~ *

  4. I love fix+, great for setting makeup, mix it with any eyeshadow and it creates a long wearing eyeliner, I use it on the days I can't be bothered with makeup and it makes my skin feel refreshed (also good for when on planes or hot summer days and your feeling flushed). It's also awesome mixed with pigments or dazzle dusts as it helps prevent fallout and makes it last longer.

    I'm constantly making wish lists, I find them handy to weed out what i really want and what's just an impulse. x

  5. Where did you get the earring rack from please?

  6. @Happy1234 - I don't actually have the earring rack, it's just something that I want :) There are a lot of sellers on ebay that have them, and they're also available on amazon. If you just google 'earring rack' they'll be hundred of links that have them xoxo


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