Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Current Craves

Hola followers!
So it's about that time again... where I've built up a list of products that I'm really lusting for! This usually occurs every month, lol. This month it's particularly bad as the majority of items are from MAC, which for me... I rarely ever buy. And when I do... it's a 'treat'. Honestly, if I for whatever reason came into ownership of a bunch of money, the MAC website would be in for a bashing!

So anyway, here's my list. I thought I'd show you guys because hopefully some of you have a couple of the products and tell me if my lusting is misplaced! So please, if you've got anything from this list... give me a shout and tell me what it's like! - I'll try and get pictures to as many of the things as possible... but MAC have really shoddy swatches and I don't want to be stealing other peoples' photos.

Naked lip liner,
Pretty please (lustre) lipstick,
Patisserie (lustre) lipstick,
Peaches (sheertone) powder blush,
Style (frost) powder blush,
Posey cream blush,
MSF natural

Sleek palettes in Storm (top) and Sunset (bottom)
& Sleek contour kit.

Barry M Nail paints in Berry ice cream, and Lemon ice cream

NYC Color Wheel
No. 7 Colour Calming primer

*none of these photo's are my own. if one belongs to you, i would be more than happy to credit it to you or remove it from my page*

So there are my main 'wants' at the moment. Do you have any of them? What do you think of it?


  1. I have the Sleek palletes ans the pale purple Barry M nail varnish, would recommend all three. I am not so stuck on the Contour kit, as I have the light one and its very orangey. xx

  2. I have the mac pretty please lipstick and both the Barry m nail paints and I'd recommend them all :) xx

  3. I Have both of the sleek palettes and I LOVE them. Colours are gorgeous and so pigmented. Well worth £4.99 hun. I want the rest of the Sleek palettes now! I with you about wanting Barry M Pale Purple, it looks gorg xx

  4. Typical... I went into Superdrug yesterday and they didn't have either of the sleek palettes, contour kit or the new Barry M nail paints! Lol, I'll just have to be patient :( xoxo

  5. I ordered my nail paints from the barry m website because they never had them in any of my local stores! And they came the next day in the post so it was well worth it :) x

  6. The NYC blush isn't all that great TBH
    And when I dropped mine on the floor, the whole thing shattered on me ):

  7. I remember a long time ago when sleek wasn't that popular they had 3 for 2 offers in superdrug, and now i don't really see it =(

  8. you've just made me want the sleek palettes even more! xx

  9. @Lauren - Oh well that might be the answer to my impatience! Lol.

    @Amy - Ooh :/ think I'm gonna have to have a think about that one then!

    @Strawberry `mt - Aah I remember those good days too ;)

    @abbzw - haha! I'm sorry! Looks like we'll just have to hold on a bit longer :(



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