Sunday, 25 April 2010

Haul time :)

Hey lovers,
So... this week hasn't been a great one for me... I got my braces tightened and because it's near enough the last strength it's really killing, and it's also 'that time of the month' *eurgh sorry* along with all the revision for my AS levels anddd my computer getting a virus. So I thought I would treat myself :) Lol. The first shop I went to was superdrug, and I really wanted to pick up the Storm or Sunset palette... but they were sold out of both :| *bad mood* then... they were sold out of the Sleek contour kit! *worse mood* lol. But ah well, I did manage to get something that I set out to...

The NYC Color Wheel in 'pink cheek glow'
This was £3.99 and you get a bunch of product, plus I've heard good things about this. *lightened mood*

The I decided to pop into Primark, purely just to have a browse and came out with a few bits...
These skinny jeans for £8. I'd never usually buy jeans from Primark but I thought I'd give 'em a bash and see how they turn out... I have low expectations though lol.

I then picked up this men's tee... in XL lol. Well basically, I've been after an off-the-shoulder top for absolutely ages. But none seem to sit right on me?? So I thought I'd DIY it. Plus it was only £2!

I picked up this plaited waist belt, it's black leather. I was after a brown one but I couldn't find one! Then in the queue the lady behind had one, typical! Lol.

Okay, then I thought a trip to H&M was needed. There's 2 H&M's in my city... within about 2 minutes of each other, lol! I stopped going to the old one and only ever go to the new one... but idk, I decided I'd go to the old one today and I'm glad I did because I got a couple of bargains!
This vest top was in the sale at £3 (previously £7.99) and I'd had my eye on it for a while so I was happy when it was reduced :) I think it's sweet and just such an easy look over some leggings, jeggings or jeans.

Another sale item... recuded from £15 to £7! This cardi is showing up more blue in the picture, but it's more of a slate grey/blue. I've been looking for this kind of coloured cardigan for a bit, and I was going to get one in New Look, but at £16... I'm glad I found this one!

This vest top was £7.99. It's black and I don't know whether you can see properly but the alternate stripes are sheer and see-through. I would put a vest/cami underneath this. I think a bright coloured one would look good :) but a plain black or white would work equally well.

I love this top! Anchors and sequins, what could be better? £7.99

And lastly just some simple, oversized sunglasses. I love these! My head is really small (lol) so it's always really hard to find glasses that stay on my head! these were £4.99 - I think.

Grabbed any bargains this week?


  1. Thumbs up for diy clothes! and £2! bargain! Love the sunglasses too!
    And i can sympathise, i has braces for three years! could only eat soup everytime i got them tightened :( but its worth it in the end!

  2. I'm in love with the anchor top, I love anchors!

    i've had a crappy week too though, hopefully next week will be better! xo

  3. I think I'll get that NYC colour wheel next time I go into superdrug - I've heard a couple of people rave about it before! xx

  4. lovely haul hun :) hope next week's a better one! :/ xxx

  5. @Lily - Ahh 3 years! I know it's a bit rubbish when you can't eat :/ lol. But yeah I agree with you... it's going to be so worth it when they're finally taken off!

    @Caitlin - Sad to hear you had a rubbish week too... lets hope the next one is better for the both of us! :D

    @Grace - I've used it pretty much everyday since I've had it... it leaves such a pretty sweep of colour and is suprisingly pigmented! Im just a bit scared it might shattered because the packaging isn't the best :/

    @Laura - Thank you sweetie!!


  6. Great stuff! Loooove the sunglasses, you really suit them!!


  7. We've got two where I live as well, I always go to the old one as it's so much better :) I love doing a diy on a mens tshirt, I'm currently shredding one xx

  8. awww I love the belt
    I've been wanting to pick up that blush, let us know how it goes ;)

    Eliza xxx

  9. Love the top! I've been wanting something similar ^^

  10. i am going to customize one of my boyfriends old t shirts too...very kat von dee...hehehehe

  11. I havent had a good old fashioned primark spree in a looooooong time :( Miss it. x

  12. @Makeup Kitten - Aw thank you hun! I wasn't so sure... but I thought I'd grab them anyways ;)

    @Katy Wilko - I know what you mean... you can really customise it to YOU. It makes everything so more original!

    @Eliza - It's going really well, I like it a lot! Give a really nice flush of colour on your cheeks. The only complaint I maybe have about it is it can be quite powdery when dipping the brush into it...

    @Pinkhair - Ahhh Kat Von Dee... if only!

    @perfectionishuman - Well I think you're in need of one sweet ;) You've been deprived!!



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