Saturday, 10 April 2010

'Idols': Nicole Richie

Hola chicas,
So this is another post about someone I really look up to, and that's Nicole Richie. Ever since she first started doing the simple life, I've loved her! Although I think stars like Nicole may somewhat encourage the size zero look... she overcame her eating disorder and has gone on to do wonderful things and have 2 gorgeous children. I think Nicole is beautiful in an understated, non-obvious way. She varies from different styles and she does it so well! I mean come on... she bascially made HUGE sunglasses happen! So yup, as always... some photo's!

What are your thoughts on Nicole?


  1. I absoloutley LOVE her! Her style is absoloutley flawless effortless chic! She is amazing! xx

  2. I love love love her! That last picture is adorable! xo

  3. LOOOOVEEE her!!

    im not really into style at all, but i love her as a celebrity! however, i think shes kinda turned lame after having kids, i like more drama! haha shes still amazing though! x

    not keen on her new tattoos either! i think shes too old for getting new ones, and the whole angel wings thing is dated!

  4. I love her. She has amazing style and her little family is just the cutest.
    She really resembles Fern Cotton in some pictures, only more tanned. In my opinion anyway lol.

  5. I'm another one who loves her!
    She is one of my fashion icons, and I loved her back during her wild days on The Simple Life haha xx

  6. I absolutely love her! :)
    Her and Joel are so gorgeous (I've loved him since I was a kid haha)
    I love the McQueen scarf shes always wearing, and her Balenciaga bag (L)

    Nice posttty!xxxxxxxx

  7. oooh I spy Louis Vuitton Ebony Damier suitcase on the second photo ;)

  8. I LOVE her tattoos!
    those wings are just lovely (:

  9. @Lorien - I know what you mean about it being kinda dated... tattoos go through so many trends!! I do think it looks pretty though :) I'm actually dying to get a tattoo :/

    @Miss Lipton - Aaaah I can see where youre coming from with the Fearne Cotton thing! Another celeb I love <3

    @tor - Same, same, same! Real fans ;) Lovin' the simple life lol.


  10. She always looks so good! I'd love to have hair like her :) x


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