Friday, 30 April 2010

Lea Michele

Hello ladies (and gents?),
I did a post on Lea Michele a while back... as a style crush, which she still very much is. But, guess who featured in the ASOS magazine that came through my letterbox this morning? Yup, Lea! She's looking superrrr hot in the photo's I couldn't help sharing them with you!

If you wanna check out the rest of the photo's, go and check out the ASOS website, which is were I got these from :)

Beautiful... right? I just think Lea is such an amazing role model for young girls. She isn't seen stumbling out of clubs with a suspicious looking white powder around her nose... nor is she eating baby food all day long to shed some pounds. I <3 Michele, who's with me? ;)


  1. I got this in the post today too! She looks amazing. makes me want to go get my tan on. x

  2. She's stunning!
    I got my catalogue today, so I shall have a proper look!

  3. Woah super sexy!
    I always picture her as the innocent rachel on glee (:

  4. I was shocked at how hot she looked, going from her character in Glee you wouldnt have a clue lol!! The little music note tattoo she had on her shoulder was cute too i thought


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