Sunday, 11 April 2010

Likes, Love, Hates

Evening my beauitful followers :)
Now, I haven't actually been tagged to do this but I love reading others and I love the whole concept of it, so you know? I'ma do it :D Lol. So the point is to list 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates. Here goes...

I like BBQs on the beach
I like girly sleepovers
I like coming home from a successful shopping trip
I like being organised and organisation in general...
I like travelling long distances
I like eating out
I like how my Dad is one of my best friends
I like looking at clouds and seeing things in them...
I like writing
I like having a tan
I like getting into just washed bed sheets
I like seeing old couples in love...

I love being in love!!
*sorry for Dean's lack of clothes*

I hate spiders
I hate feeling lonely
I hate waking up early
I hate it when people cry...
I hate having no money
I hate the feeling of failure
I hate that I'm a perfectionist
I hate keeping secrets...

Okay, as I wasn't tagged for this, I'm not going to tag anyone... but all of you should do this! :D


  1. Loved reading this :) Aw old couples are so cute <3 Im so gonna do this! XO

  2. cute pictures (:, i love this tag!,X

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  4. I love seeing old couples in love too!! It's soo sweet

  5. I love this tag, i really need to do it! xx

  6. I hope I'm still like that at 80 odd! Lol xoxo

  7. Old couples in love are so damn cute :) But I don't really believe in loving the same person all my life, so probably won't happen to me !

  8. My dad is one of my best friends too, I <3 him. We get drunk together too much, it's awkward in the morning haha.

  9. Old couples<3 hehehe.. its funny when you can hear them bickering while shopping!
    You look lovely in the picture :) x

  10. i love these (: and im now fully inspierdto do my (not tagged eith :O) lol cause im a blog rebal hehe
    aw old couple just walking down the stret make me smile everytime :)

  11. @Carine - Ah well maybe your night in shining armour will come along and change your mind ;)

    @Rosie - Haha! You're Dad sounds like an utter legend. Ahh love to the Daddy's! <3

    @Abbie - Thank you chick!

    @AmandaPants - Yay for blog rebels ;)



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