Thursday, 15 April 2010


Heyy :D
I've been meaning to do another outfit of the day but I always forget! Tonight I went out for a casual pub garden dinner (yay for spring!) with some of the family, so nothing too fancy. I did also wear this outfit throughout the day then just added some accessories :)

Sorry for the absolutely terrible pictures, this is the only full length mirror (ish) in the house that gets enough light!

During the day I was just wearing this slouchy top from Primark with a peachy pink vest top underneath from H&M I think. Teamed it up with some jeggings from Primark also. Didn't wear any jewelery with this look.

Added accessories...
It's really simple but I just put a skinny belt round the waist. I love the way this really changes the top... as it's quite slouchy it doesn't give the most flattering shillouette. This is a patent skinny belt and I got it from ASOS a while ago.

I love these earrings, they're vintagey and I don't know, I like them lol.

Hope you all had a wonderful day.


  1. You look lovely :) I love how a simple belt can completely change an outfit :)

  2. Gorgeous outfit :)
    casual but looks amazing xxx

  3. Love the outfit :)

    Follow me please:

  4. Looks gorgeous! Love that top from Primark!!!


    Natalie xx

  5. Pretty!
    I wonder what shoes you're wearing..

  6. Thank you girlies :)

    @Amy - Shoes! I completely forgot, lol. I was just waering some simple black glads :) xoxo

  7. I love doing this look - it's amazing how simple accessories can completely change a look.
    Lovely OOTD, xx

  8. I have those exact same earrings..mine are from Primark and I never wear them in case they get ruined :(

  9. @perfectionishuman - i know what you mean! I'm always breaking and loosing earrings lol xoxo


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