Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Review; Maybelline Super Stay 24h

Hello girlies :)
This post is gonna be about a product that I actually haven't heard much about from the beauty community. It's the new foundation from Maybelline called Super Stay 24h. Similarly named to that of Revlon Color Stay. And to be honest. I think this is comparable!

First off, Maybelline claim that this has 'Micro-flex stretch formula' which means the foundation is 'non-transfer and 24hr makeup'... now, 24 hours? Thats a heck of a claim! Which I don't think is 100% true... just a bit exaggerated!
Mine is in the shade 010 Ivory... I am a 180 Sand Beige from the Colorstay line. And this Maybelline shade works a lot better for me actually. I tend to find that sometimes Colorstay oxidises throughout the day and sometimes look a little orange. The Super stay doesn't do this and this shade is actually perfect for me. Even those Revlon Ivory's and Buff's could even find a shade because there are 2 lighter ones.

This foundation is full coverage, will literally hide almost anything. The consistency is actually very comparable to Colorstay, although it is a tiny bit thicker. It doesn't dry too quickly that you can't blend it in to your skin, but doesn't take so long to dry that you're sitting around waiting to put your powder on. Now for the big question... 24 hours? Well, not quite. But this does last a good 16 hour day!! If I put this on in the morning, go to college and go out afterwards for dinner, this foundation will withstand it. Even with my oily skin! The colour doesn't wear off and neither does the coverage.

Overall, I am super happy with this product. I think that Revlon might still be my favourite but this is a very, very close second. It's deffinitley a cheaper alternative. I love this foundation and I urge anyone to try it! :)

Where can I get it? anywhere that stocks Maybelline. Boots, superdrug etc.
How much for? £6.99, much cheaper than Revlon and it comes with a pump!

Have any of you tried this? Do you love it as much as I do?


  1. I've actually been thinking about picking up this foundation or the concealer, although I haven't heard the best reviews of it from people with dry skin. I loved Revlon ColorStay foundation, but it did irritate my skin. Maybe I will give this one a try, nice review!

  2. Hey hun I really want to try this but could you tell me if it has a very matt finish? I like a slightly dewy look :)xx

  3. great review! i got sample of this in a magazine, gona try it! Sounds good for £6.99.

  4. I bought this foundation but after wearing it a ocuple of times it broke me out. I really wanted to like it. The finish is dewy, but in a very subtle way. I actually found the consistency to be much more lighter than Revlon CS, and feels a lot more fresher but with the perfect coverage.

  5. @Francesca - well it is SUPPOSED to be a matte finish, but in my opinion it has a subtle dewy finish :)

    @sarbeauty - yep, so even if it doesn't work for you it wasn't THAT much.

    @MENENA - aw no! :( that's such a shame seeing as though you liked it so much!


  6. Do you think this is alright for dry skin?
    I have dry skin and im always scared of foundations drying up my skin >< i might try the concealer hehe x

  7. @Strawberry`mt - Well, I have really oily skin so I'm afraid I couldn't tell you my opinion... however, I have actually heard that this isn't great for dry skin... yeah try the concealer, that might give you some kind of idea :) Let me know how you get on! xoxo

  8. Thanks for reviewing this product; it sounds lovely! Great blog, I just started following you. :)

  9. @Ashwini - I'm glad you found it helpful :) Ah thank you so much! Welcome to my blog xoxo


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