Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Very small haul :)

Bonjour :)
In an earlier post I mentioned that I'd been up to my Mum's for the weekend. We always kind of go shopping on the first day, haha! Poor Dean being dragged around the shops with me and my mummy! Aww. I only got a few things, but I thought I'd show you what I picked up :)

I got this cute little nightie with a cupcake pattern for a sweet £4 at Peacocks.

A long gold necklace with a variety of beads and pretty things on it, I love things like this to jazz up a plain top. £6 at Peacocks.

A two-toned silver photo frame. I love having photo frames all over my room, as photo's hold so many memories to me! £18 at Boots.

I've been looking for a photo album for a while now. Like I said, I love photo's and I wish I had more in life form rather than saved on memory sticks, computer albums, facebook etc. My mum has loads of photo albums and I love to flick through them. Boots are having a buy one get one free on photo albums and frames, and this one was just so pretty! This I got free as it was the cheapest. £9.99 at Boots.

I absolutely love this picture and I always have. You know the one, of the guys building a bridge or something with no harnesses!! Health and Safety would be all over that nowadays, lol! This is printed on a canvas and will take place above my bed's headboard, this photo always makes me smile :) £10 at random shop.

Have a great day :)


  1. You got some lovely things, I love that picture too!
    I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award :)
    You can find details on the post here:

    Your blog is beautiful and I love the variety in your posts :) x

  2. That nightie is SO cute, I might have to pop down to peacocks and get one myself! And OMG I love that picture too, when me and my cousins were little my Dad and Uncles used to tell us that was them sat up there and we all believed them! Haha great blog :) x

  3. Beautiful pho album! I keep meaning to get one but I have so many photos it would be hard to choose what to fill it with! xx

  4. I love how everyone knows that picture!

    @Georgie - I know! I'm really going to have to think about what photo's im going to put in it! lol xoxo

  5. I have that canvas in my room! How can they not fall off? Its amazing lol

    Love your blog :)

  6. @Amy-CJ - I know! If I was up there I'd want a harness and a hella lot of matresses underneath! ;) xoxo


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