Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Collective haul

Hello my loves :)
So... the last couple weeks a went a little bit crazy with my spending which isn't ideal as I still haven't got myself sorted with a laptop. But ya'knoo revision seriously sucks and retail therapy seemed the best option? ;) I've been craving some new make up bits as we're getting into summer - although you seem to be hiding lately Mr Sun!! Thought I'd show you some of the new bits I picked up :)

As I *was* on a mission to save, I looked to my friend elf for some cheap thrills, lol...

But then I got dragged into Boots and started spraying and sniffing perfume upon perfume. There was one particular one I'd been eyeing up for a while... so I bowed down and ended up purchasing...
The bottle is adorable!! And for me, it's the perfect summer scent. I can't imagine anyone not liking it... my best friend Kelly decided she'd buy it also when I sprayed it infront of her :) If you haven't have a whiff of this... go and smell it! So, after buying that they handed me a £5 off voucher for No7 - god they know how to lure me in!

This swatch isn't great... but then again it's really subtle and hard to capture in a photo! Then, of course they gave me another one... so a few days later I was back. I'm a sucker for a 'bargain' what can I say?? *innocent face*...

I then popped on over to Superdrug to find all of the new pruple Barry M's gone :( so I picked up something a bit boring instead lol. But I'm intruiged to see how much difference these are actually going to make...

Hope you're all good!


  1. Where do you buy your ELF from? Do they have stalls in shops, cos I've only been able to order online! :) xx

  2. Yeah I buy my Elf online sweetie. The delivery is so fast I don't really mind paying for it. I'm not entirely sure, as far as I know there aren't. But saying that, theres a brow/lash stall in my local mall that sell Elf lashes but thats it :/ xoxo

  3. Can you do a review on the 2 no7 products you bought? xxx

  4. I never know what to spend my no7 vouchers on, I'm going to check these out tomorrow =) along with their new limited editions xx

  5. @Shabna - Yup of course :) just startedusing the primer today so I'll let you know how it's going :)

    @Pyxiee - Oh god me either! Apart from these 2 items I wouldn't have a clue what to spend them on...


  6. Great haul.I have all those elf products and love them dearly.
    You just reminded me i have a n0 7 voucher!
    thank you xx

  7. LOVE elf golden bronzer, its the perfect highlight over any blusher! cant stress how much i love it! The green primer looks...weird but cool! Heard lots about the elf cover stick, please do a review with pics! :) xxx


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