Sunday, 30 May 2010


Hello lovies :)
Okay so I lied, it's not a face of the night... it's a face of yesterday night lol. It was my grandma's birthday and she turned 83 wahey! She's still sooo young and active, gotta love the grandparents!! So me and a bunch of our family went to a chinese restaurant... and ate FAR too much. Anyways... here are some pictures before I went out :) - I'm always running around the house annoying everyone with camera flashes before I leave :D

I kept the eyes really simple and wanted to go for a bronzed glowy look to go with my new tan ;) which is currently peeling off... lol. Anyways onto the good stuff... the make up!

lashings of rimmel max flash volume mascara,
collection 2000 liquid liner, a little bit winged,
black rimmel khol liner on waterline,
matte black shadow over khol pencil and smudged a little

maybelline super stay foundation,
boujours mineral radiance powder,
bronzer from elf contour & blush - cheekboens and temples,
MAC blush in Pink Swoon,
Elf golden bronzer as highlight - cheek bones, brow bones, bridge of the nose

carmex cherry
MAC l/s Angel

Hope you've all had a great weekend and will enjoy the bank holiday!


  1. The bronzer as highlight looks amazing on you. xx

  2. it looks u have a really nice tan!
    nice photos!

  3. You look soo tan and gorgeous!

  4. I really like your blog, I often visit your blog
    What if you visit my blog please follow my blog

  5. omfg. you look so gorgeously tanned! amazing!!!

    i love your hair also, its so shiney and looks so healthy :)

  6. @missmscara1983 - thank you! i love how glowy it makes me :)

    @patukii & ariel - thanks girls, thats probably a bit of bronzer and a bit of my burn wearing off! lol.

    @fasha - aw thank you hun, i'll come over and visit :)

    @Lorien - haha thanks :D looks like my burn finally faded lol, shames it's started peeling! not a good look lmao.



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