Friday, 21 May 2010

Golden Bronze EOTD

Hey guys :)
Recently I've been neglecting eyeshadow and just opting for simple winged eyeliner and mascara... so I thought I'd wear a bit of colour on my eyes and decided on golden bronze. I'm seriously addicted to liquid eyeliner... but the other day I forgot to take it over to my boyfriends house and went eyeliner-less :O!! He told me that he prefered it and that it made my eyelashes look longer... happy days! So I thought I'd see if I could happily go without a black-lined look. And I have to say - I've warmed to it :)

The outer crease colour is actually a lot more of a copper tone than it's showing up but.. ah well.

Gold colour from Sleek Original palette
Urban Decay's Half Baked
Copper colour from Sleek Original palette
Urban Decay's Perversion
L'Oreal Collagen mascara
Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Bourbon

I'm really liking golden tones at the moment, I think it's a colour that works with a lot of eye colours and a lot of skin tones. Do you use a lot of gold, or overlook it? What about liquid liner... are you a junkie??


  1. loveee liquid liner! i think your eye makeup looks amazing, i love gold :)

  2. Hey lady,

    I totally agree with you. Gold is one of my fave colours to wear on eyes defo! I think if you pair it with a bit of sheen and bronzer it really warms up the face!!

    That colour is particularly lovely on your eyes though chick!

    Giddy Princess x

  3. This colour looks gorge on you. Im jealous of your eyelashes too!

  4. @Lorien - i'm with you on the loving liquid liner, trying to wean myself off it for the summer lmao. gonna be a hard one!!

    @BittersweetKindaNew - thank god for golds, especially on a day after a bit of a heavy night - lol! Thank you hun :)

    @Laura - Lol thank you! Honestly... they don't normally look this long I think its the lack of liquid liner :O maybe this is the way forward for me? hmm.. lol


  5. This is how my eyelashes look... with falsies! ha

  6. I honestly checked your list of products used to see what falsies you had on! Seriously, your lashes look amazing!! :) xo


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