Wednesday, 5 May 2010

My healthy eating, summer ready diet!

Hello my beauties,
I don't know about where you are, but here in Brighton the sun seems to have dissappeared! What a tease - giving us all that sun then cruely snatching it away! :( Nevermind... it means I have a little while longer to shed a few pounds and get a lot healthier by the time I have to be rockin' a bikini!

By no means do I know a lot about food or nutrition but I thought I'd just show you guys the type of things I eat to try and get summer ready :)

- 1/2 pink grapefruit with a very tiny sprinkle of sweetner
- 1 slice of wholemeal toast with low fat peanut butter
- small bowl of porridge w/ berries or a dash of honey
- scrambled eggs (2) w/ a grilled tomato and lots of pepper

- medium jacket potato with low fat cream cheese & chives
- tuna salad in a wholemeal pitta bread
- small ammount of pesto pasta with a side of salad
- large chicken salad with no dressing

- wholemeal pasta salad with feta cheese
- grilled salmon with a bunch of veg, no potatoes
- chicken rice and peas made with brown rice
- vegetable omlette with a sprinkle of cheese/bacon if I'm feeling naughty ;)

- vegetable sticks/wholemeal pitta with hummus
- peice of fruit/homemade fruit salad
- milky way chocolate bar
- packet of quavers crisps

I don't have a very big sweet tooth, so I don't struggle with cutting out chocolates or sweets. However what I do struggle with is... the dreaded carbs!! I like my potatoes and I love my bread! But what I try not to do is say that I can't have it ever - that makes me want it even more. So I make sure the carbs I do eat, are things like wholemeal bread and brown rice. Don't make things banned for yourself, because then you feel like you've 'fallen off the wagon'.

Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring... you just have to find some healthy meals that you enjoy eating and cooking and voila! Plus... look how colourful it is! You won't miss a lot :)


  1. My mum buys this magazine called "Slimming World" its really good for healthy eating recipes and theyre really easy to make too :)! Good luck with your healthy eating :) xxx

  2. those vegetable sticks and hummus actually look really delicious right now!!!

    im having subway for lunch :) haha i know the sauce and bread has a tonneee of calorie, but sure does beat my usual ultimate burger meal from KFC! lol

    ive been having mcchicken burgers lately, YUM! only 410 calories :D for the burger, the chips and drink is extra calories lol

    good luck with the healthy eating! how good do you feel after even a week of eating healthy! love it!

  3. @Steph - Thanks chick! :D

    @Lorien - Oh I know... after a week you don't even want to go new junk food, just so you don't break it :L lol! Although a chicken burger sounds yummmmm right now!


  4. i really miss grapefruit. haven't had any since i moved out :( xx


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