Friday, 28 May 2010

Review; Elf Blush/Bronze Duo

Hello cupcakes,
I just have one more product that I ordered from Elf to review.. so here goes!

Elf's Blusher and Bronzer Compact

I've been after the sleek contour and highlight duo foreverr, but my Superdrug always seems to run out! I thought this might be a good (and cheaper) alternative. Another item from the Studio line so costs £3.50

The blush is a very pretty peach/pink/coral colour. However... it does have gold glitter in it that does tend to fall out quite a bit. But nothing a bit of MACs Fix+ won't sort out! This duo is extremely pigmented - especially the Bronzer so you have to be careful as you could end up looking a bit muddy, lol. Not a good look! On the flipside though... there's no orange tones so that's a plus. And although the bronzer does have glitter it really isn't noticeable at all compared to the blush, and I can use this as a contour.

I wasn't as impressed with this as I was the bronzer... because there are glitter particles in this, it tends to be a bit gritty, which is something that really bugs me. I also found that if I loaded a bit too much of the bronzer on my brush - it would be really hard to blend out. All in all though, it's pretty good. It isn't something that I would repurchase though as the other bronzer is really fantastic and I would probably order the warm bronzer next time in place of this. Not at all bad though! :)

I know that a lot of people like this... did you? Did you find it a bit too gritty like me? 


  1. Hey there! Thanx for the review hun.I actually hate this product; the bronzer is way too muddy and weird and the blush color looks awful on me :\ They're both extremely powdery too! Not very pleased... Might just be me though.
    Tonia xx

  2. @Tonia - i agree, theyre both very powdery and gritty, i never use the blush. but i find that the bronzer works okay for me if im VERY careful and use a very light hand. shame it doesn't work as well as we anticipated :(


  3. Great stuff!

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    Thank you!

  4. I have this! Love it very much, only downside for me is if you don't wear foundation underneath it, the bronzer is really hard to blend :/ xxx

  5. I got this the other day, the bronzer is rather hard to use because its so dark and im so white and I find it hard to blend but I actually like the blush xx

  6. @Fern & Jody - I agree with you completely. its so hard to blend! I think the blush is an amazing colour... im just not a great glitter fan lol xoxo


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