Saturday, 22 May 2010

Review; Elf Shimmer Facial Whip

Morning lovelies!
Thought I'd just review a product that I'm really liking from Elf.

Elf's Shimmering Facial Whip

This was yet one of my many impulse buys, and tbh I really didn't have high expectations. I mean, £1.50? Somethings got to be wrong. Just shows how much I know!

This product has the same sickly sweet citrus smell as the All Over Cover Stick, it's not something I like but like I said before... once it's on your skin you really can't smell it at all. This has a really nice sheen to it - no shimmer particles so you won't be looking like a disco ball. I've been using this a as a cream blush and it's been working really well. It's very pigmented, so doesn't work well as a highlight. It stays on for pretty long without loosing colour - but does loose a bit of it's sheen. The colour is really buildable... but you do only need a tiny bit for a lot of colour payoff.

The only thing about this that I kind of which was different... is the consistency. Before you blend it properly and it warms because of fingers, it's quite thick. Once blended it's resonably light. But when blending it feels quite thick. I've only used my fingers for it as I feel like if I were to use a brush it would be really messy and a little bit sticky :/ Other than that this is another great £1.50 from Elf! They're really going up in my estimates! Lol.

Anything else you want to know? Let me know below! I'm a poet ;)


  1. I saw this and was really intregued about what it would be like.. to be honest I expected it to be awful but it looks quite nice :)
    I have tagged you in one of my posts here:

  2. Looks lovely, shall have to give it a try at that price!


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