Friday, 14 May 2010

Review: Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara

Hi guys :)
I thought I'd do a quick review on a product I use pretty much daily at the mo - Maybelline's lash stiletto mascara. Now, this isn't a mascara I would ever use alone. But it's definitely my favourite 'base' mascara.

I love how much longer this makes my lashes, although it doesn't give them any volume, which is why another mascara is needed on top (I love to use Rimmels max volume flash over the top of this - perfect combo). And now some pictures to demonstrate...

Is it just me or do your own eye pictures really creep you out? Lol!

I forgot to add a picture of the wand... fail! But it's long and quite thin, the shape of a stiletto nethertheless!! The consistency isn't too wet and doesn't dry too soon, so you carry on layering this up to your heart's content! It isn't flaking off by the end of the day, and it doesn't weigh down your natural curl. I'm so impressed that it hasn't dried up at all *yet* - even though I've had it since Christmas time and been using it like no man's business (I don't get that saying??).

I adore the packaging, it's so sleek and 'va va voom' if you know what I mean? Lol! If you already have long eyelashes... firstly, I'm so jelous. And secondly... I don't think this would be a particularly revolutionary product for you. However, the girls out there with short stubby lashes, or just those who want a bit of length - this looks like it'll be a good one!

Have a gorgeous day!


  1. I've been wanting to try this for a while, maybe I finally will :) What mascara do you use over top for volume?? x

  2. @Ariel - I normally always use Rimmel's Max Volume Flash (the pink one lol) over the top... I always find that gives volume :D xoxo

  3. Oooh it does look fab! Your lashes look lovely! I'm so going to try this. I love the way it has lengthened yours! x

  4. thats really good, it really lengthens you lashes. Could really do with that myself.

  5. Ooh how much was this? Definatly adds alot of length!

    Following you :-)

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  6. This is one of my favourite mascaras =) I was initially a little scared of the brush, but I love its application =) xx

  7. It costs £7.99 :) But I think atm Superdrug are having 3 for 2 on all Maybelline products - don't quote me on that though! Lol xoxo

  8. wow you having amazing lashes!! I use bad gal lash and love it! xo


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