Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Review: No.7 Colour Calming Primer

Hello :)
I got a few requests to do a couple reviews on some of the new things I featured in my latest haul post, so yup. So, what is the product in question?

The No.7 Colour Calming Primer!

'Beautifully soft to apply, easily blendable this formula creates a perfect canvas for foundaton whilst neutralising and concealing redness to allow your true colour. Soothing and non-drying it leaves skin even. Contains Vitamins A and E to condition and revitalise tired skin and Liqourice extract to help soothe skin. Formulated to be non pore blocking' Well that's what No.7 have to say... I think we differ in opinions slightly!

Now, before I go on I just want to say I'm not trying to 'bash' No.7 even slightly - I just want to give a true and honest opinion on what I found this did for me. I'm aware that effects will differ from person to person.

The first thing I noticed about this primer was that it had a very odd kind of smell. It wasn't utterly disgusting that I can't use it, but I can smell it when I use it and it's just very... strange. But I though... for a good product I can see past the smell, right? I don't know whether you can really tell from the photo's - but even when you have blended this primer into the skin as much as it will possibly go... it leaves a green tint to the skin. This worried me a bit... however, this will dissappear underneath a foundation (liquid). It's a thick cream type consistency, and you need a lot less than you think you do. However, it's quite tricky to blend in. You eventually get there but it's hard to budge and doesn't just glide on like other primers I've used. Another thing that dissapointed me was that it didn't leave that velvety smooth finish that I'm used to. It didn't make a whole heap of difference with make up application either.

Onto the claims? Does it really reduce redness? I'd say only slightly. Yes redness was reduced a little bit, but it's by no means a miracle worker. It does hold your make up on very well though. That's something that I wasn't expecting. I don't think I'd purchase this again, it didn't do what it claimed to and I like a primer to make a super smooth base - which this didn't. This doesn't mean it won't work for others though, but for me.. lets just say it wasn't great.

You can buy this product from boots for £10.75.

Have you guys tried this? Is there something I'm doing wrong? Let me know! :)


  1. Can def still see a green tint to the skin once blended :-( Don't think I'll be trying this, I like my primer to leave my skin feeling softer than a babys bottom! lol

  2. I dont like number 7 primers, the one I tryed make my face really flaky and it didnt give me a smooth base to start with either, it was horrible! XO

  3. I got this a few months ago, and I completley agree with you, it is so hard to blend in!
    I don't use it on a daily basis, normally only when I'm going on a night out. This could be just me, but sometimes when I have a shower, wash my hair and then blow dry it my face gets so so red, it's realy wierd.
    So I use this product when that happens, I apply a llot of it and leave it for about 20 minutes like I would a face mask and let it soak in, it really soothes my skin and reduces the redness allot!
    But this is way too time consuming too use everyday, hope you understood my massively long ramble haha!
    Great post girly!

  4. @Laura - Yeah, I don't really think I would recommend it to anyone. If you haven't tried GOSH Velvet Touch primer I think that's worth a go! :)

    @Hannah - Ah, I'm relieved I'm not the only one! Lol.

    @Darling heart - Haha yes, I understood your ramble ;) Good idea! I'll be trying that out, thanksss :D


  5. I bought this the other day and agree on most accounts. It takes forever to blend, and I have super fair eyebrows and have to work really hard not it get it in them. I felt it reduced my redness quite.
    Fabulous review!

  6. Great review, thanks!! :D xx

  7. I'm glad you did this as i've been umming and ahhing over this for a while now! Definately not worth £10 or whatever :)



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