Thursday, 20 May 2010

Review; No.7 Skin Illuminator

Hola chicas!
Another review for you today :) What on??

No.7 Skin Illuminator!
'For gorgeous skin use this fantastic radiance boosting beauty fluid. The particles of iredescent shimmer relfect the light, which gives your skin a perfectly healthy glow. Brush alone or under foundation for a radiant finish.' Is No.7's description and I have to say... it's a pretty good, non-decepetive one, unlike most!

This is available at any Boots for £10.50 (I got it £5 off using a voucher) and is available in two different shades - peach and pink. I picked up the one in peach :) And as you can see in the picture above it comes with a brush on the end, which the liquid seeps through.

To get a better idea it's probably best to double click these swatches as it's much easier to see.

First off, this product doesn't haave a strong scent at all. This liquid that comes out it quite liquidy, but not too runny that it's impossible to work with. I thought that that the consistency was spot on. The first time I used it I tried it underneath foundation as it suggested, but I didn't find this had a very noticeable effect at all - you could barely see the shimmers and there was no 'glow'. So, the next day I tried a little bit on top of foundation and under a translucent powder, and this gave a much more desired effect. It really does give a pretty glow, and you can only see the shimmer particles in direct sunlight - which was something I was a bit dubious of. It does last a substancial ammount of time - certainly a good 6-8 hours which I didn't think it would; the shimmers don't cause any nasty fall out either!

The only bad thing I would say about this product is probably the packaging... although it's got a great locking system to avoid and handbag spillages the brush is just not gret for me. I wipe the product on the back of my hand and blend with my fingers. I found that the brush sort of clung onto the product and didn't distribute it very well. When I bought this I was looking for a cheap alternative to Benefit's High Beam. I've never used it but I'm sure this would work well for the price range it's in... £8 less than high beam.

Hope this was useful to anyone who was interested in this product :) If there's anything that I missed out that you'd like to know just pop a comment below and I promise to get back to you :)


  1. Great review, I keep looking at this, but think I may give it a try now. x

  2. @missmascara1983 - It's definitely worth a try, especially if you have a £5 voucher :) xoxo

  3. I think this would work well for under brows and to highlight cheekbones like you said, but to be honest, think I'll stick to my Highbeam. Although a lot cheaper, the application doesn't look good at all :-(

  4. @Laura - Oh yeaah, i agree the packaging makes the application a bit shoddy. Until I'm able to part with £18 for highbeam, i'll stick to this, lol! xoxo

  5. Hey, just stumbled across your blog today. I likeeeee!

    I sooooo nearly bought this yesterday with discount voucher too!! But I bought a Rubie & Miller cream blush type thing and I hated it when I tried it this morning!!

    I am defo going to buy this product - it was so pretty when I tried it in boots!!

    Giddy Princess

  6. i really want to give this a try , i was tempted when i had my £5 voucher lol x

  7. @BittersweetKindaNew - ah thank you, im glad you like it :D lovin' yours!

    @Jade - I'd say defs get it is you have a voucher, but i probably wouldnt want to spend the full price on this :) hope that helps



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