Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Hello girls,
First thing I want to say is... where the hell has the UK sun gone! Hmm, I guess it was good whilst it lasted! (minus my burnt shoulders).

For those that I have been reading my posts for a while might know that I recently had to scrape together some money to get a laptop - so I achieved that (woo!) and I bought one, which I LOVE <3 but... somehow it has a virus (gah!!) so it's now sitting in a computer technicians room somewhere being fixed, so yet another sum of money to hand over! I know, I know my fault - no antivrius. I was waiting for my boy ot get it done for me but he's been rushed off his fit. Anyways, I'm babling - main point... I might be slacking a little.

Besides the lack of laptopness, I'm currently doing my AS levels... I've done 3 exams so far... Biology revision actually kills me a little inside!! It's been pretty hectic, I feel like I only started college a few months ago, turns out it's been a year :| going so fast! So yup, there's a lot of revising going on and it's all a bit crazy. I'll be trying to get as many posts up as a I can and I really think I could get a good ammount up :)

Lastly... hello to my new followers! And also my loyal oldies ;) My followers has seemed to jump up a bit recently and I'm now up to 310-ishh... wow thanks guys!! Once all this paying out for fancy computer things I don't understand is over, I think that a giveaway is very much called for. I did one agesss ago with only a few gifts - this time I want to go a bit bigger :) So it might take me a while to collect all of those things but yah... Thank you to everyone who's following... if you have any requests e-mail or leave a comment and I'll be more than happy!

Hope every one is well, sorry this was such a ramble! Take care!


  1. Biology revision! gaahh it kills me too and I know, it's all cloudy today :(

  2. Good luck on your exams! :) x

  3. @Louise - defs not a good course if you want an easy workload, lol!

    @me :) - thanks so much chick, i need all the help i can get!


  4. ohh that sucks about your laptop!

    keep revising hard lovely and you'll do great!

  5. @tennille - thanks chick! i hope this working my butt off pays off! xoxo


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