Sunday, 11 July 2010

Day 08 - A photo that makes you angry/sad

Alreeet ladies,
I don't really have any photo's that make me angry or sad... because they're not the kind of memories you want to keep, so this was difficult...

This is one of my kitty cats Lulu. I used to live with my mum, and this was where I had Lulu but last year my mum moved about 3-4 hours away from here. Me and Lulu were reallly close, and I miss her all the time! Whenever I go and visit my mum I usually spend most of my time with this little lady! But my Mum is moving back down here soon! So I'll get to see my baby all the time!

Sorry this post was a bit lame, but I didn't want to be mega depressing!


  1. Awww such a cute little cat! x

  2. Awww, she is adorable! I could never part from my cat. xx


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