Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Just a quick face of the day for you guys, I'm popping out for lunch with my mumma later on, but until then I'm at college!...

What I used...
No7 Colour calming primer
Benefit It stick
Bourjours healthy mix foundation
Rimmel translucent powder
Collection 2000 liquid liner
Urban Decay pencil liner, Zero
Black shadow from Sleek palette (to set liner)
Maybelline Collosal Mascara
Elf blush from contour and blush kit
NYX Orange Soda l/s

I'm loving this lipstick at the moment! It's a really nice nude for me :) Although I do have to be slight with it, otherwise it does look a bit too orange/peach.


  1. It didn't know you had braces!
    You look gorgeous, that lipstick looks lovely on you xx

  2. that lipstick look pretty on you, x

  3. You look gorgeous and that lippie is fab on you ;)

  4. I love that liptick too, it looks great on you! :) xx

  5. aww thats cute! love the hair btw

  6. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. You're so pretty xx

  7. @Abbie - yup, im a brace face! lol. i think they may be coming off in 2-3 months though, eeeek!

    @Nav, Dollface + Lauren - thank you lovelies!

    @perfectionishuman - thank you chick :)

    @Em - ahh it's no problem, you'll be great yummy mummy. thank you :)



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