Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Girl crush!

Hiya sweets,
So this week when I flicked through my heat magazine, it reignited a girl crush for me... so who is it? Kim! Kardashian? Nope! (as much as I love KK). it's Kimberley Walsh. I think this lady doesn't get the credit she deserve - it seems eyes are always on the Girls aloud beauty that is Cheryl Tweedy(?). I think Kimberley is equally as stunning, and there was a feature about 'summers hottest hair trends', and I loved all three of them.

Especially loving the 'utility plait' - such a pretty, messy beachy look. Will definitely be trying this out for summer, I'll let you know how I get one! Lol. And of course, so more pictures for use to be in awe of...

How flawless is this lady?? The green monster is rearing it's ugly head!
Who's your favourite Girls Aloud girl?


  1. Kimberley is gorgeous, but Cheryl will always be my fave, :)

  2. Love Cheryl, but Kimberly has the most gorgeous skin and such a hot bod!!

  3. I totally agree Kimberley doesn't get the credit she deserves. She it stunningly gorgeous and has a curvy figure unlike Cheryl stick thin frame x

  4. Kimberly is pretty is Cheryl and Nicola as she is so unique looking but so beautiful!

  5. she's a godess! absolutely gorgeous, her figure is amazing too (:!,X

  6. I adore her! She's always been my favourite member of Girls Aloud. xx

  7. I'm not really a fan of Cheryl for some reason.

    I've just come across your blog and I must say, it's fantastic! I've just sat and looked threw every post haha. I read in one post that you received the ASOS magazine threw your door, I was wondering how you did that?

    Love Jemma xx

  8. @Natalie - Cheryl is a sweetheart, i agree!

    @Dollface - Ahhh i know, she has the prefect womanly figure, and her skins always glowing!

    @Kelly - Totally, I think Cheryl is far to thing, Kimberley's figure is natural and beaaaautiful.

    @Natalie (BeauMakeup) - Nicola is gorgeous too, I'm glad she finally found her own style and stopped trying to be like the others! :)

    @Holly - Godess, thats such a great word to describe her!

    @Lauren - Wahey! She deserves so much more credit!

    @Lana - It's so pretty... always looks so healthy, thick and shiny :)

    @Jemma - Ooh, really? Thank you so much, that really honestly means so much to me! I think they just send it to me because I have an account with them - maybe there was a button to tick during the process? There could be some options on account settings? I hope that helps :)


  9. her hair is AMAZING! and she looks beautiful in that pink dress!!

  10. My faves sarah and nicola :) Then kimberly lol xx


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