Saturday, 10 July 2010

Grungeyish FOTD

Hello sweets,
Today I fancied something a bit different - so I went for a kind of grungey/smudged liner look. It took me about 10 minutes which is thumbss up, and also you dont need to be neat at all - all round winner!

Rimmel translucent powder
Elf contour powder
Urban decay 24/7 liner, zero
Rimmel khol pencil, stormy grey
L'oreal collagen mascara
NYX Orange soda
Vaseline rosy lips

Sorry blogger screwed the photo's up!


  1. Oh i love a smudgey black shadow eye look :)

  2. Zero is the ultimate smudgey liner :D xx

  3. @Gemma &Jordy - ah thank girls! it's actually just all liner! so saves make up bag space too ;)

    @Nicola - oh i know! where would we be without it?? lol



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