Monday, 19 July 2010

Summer dash #2

Morning girls,
So I said I'd start a little series of 'summer dash' where I show you my go-to summer looks when I have zero time. You can find the last one here, and that was pretty much minimal make up... this one's a little heavier on the eyes but as there's no faffing around with crease and outer v colours, it's super quick and massive impact. I don't normally dare to wear bright colours, but in the summer it seems a lot easier! So here it is...

And how I did it...
Step 1 - Moisturise skin (after cleansing)
Step 2 - Prime the skin
Step 3 - Apply foundation, I used boujours healthy mix and applied it with a MAC 187
Step 4 - Conceal any blemishes or under eye circles, I used elf's tone correcting concealer and applied with the applicator and blended with my ring finger.
Step 5 - Prime up to the brow bone and underneath the eye, I used Urban Decay's primer potion.
Step 6 - Use any aqua/turquoise colour you have and apply it on the lid, slightly above the crease and down under the lower lashline. I mixed Jinx and Flipside from the UDBoS Vol II with the blue and green colour from the orinigal Sleek palette.
Step 7 - Blend the shadow in windshield motions, until the harsh line is blended out.
Step 8 - Sweep a navy shadow along the upper lashline, I used the navy colour from the Sleek original palette.

Step 9 - Apply lashings of mascara! I used Maybelline's Colossal and Rimmel's Max Volume.
Step 10 - Use a black pencil eyeliner to line your waterline. I used Benefit's Bad Gal.

Step 11 - Set your foundation with a translucent powder. I used Rimmel's Clear Complexion.
Step 12 - Bronze the skin (any blush looks a bit over the top). I applied mine to the cheeks, temples and jawline using Barry M's Bronzer compact.
Step 13 - Apply a nude lipstick to moisturised lips, I used Rimmel's Nude Delight.

Sorry this turned out to be such a major post, hope you enjoyed! :) Let me know if you like this summer dash series?


  1. wow this look is amazing! :)
    do you have any requests for my blog? :) im here, at home today so I want to blog a little!
    Do you have twitter? :)

  2. woah, i love blues on you! this is so gorgeous, def summery. reminds me of the ocean.
    beautiful girl xxx

  3. It looks lovely :) I might try something similar today xx

  4. This really suits you!
    I envy people who can get away with blue makeup :)

  5. This is absolutley gorgeous!
    Love the blue eye :-)

  6. @Paula - I really like your FOTD's :) Nopes, I'm afraid I don't have twitter hun

    @Tennille - Ah thanks chick, I definitely felt summery today! Lol

    @Charlotte - Ooh let me know how it goes!

    @Lauren - Thank you! I was afraid I might look a bit drag queenish lol, but I think I got away with it :) Haha

    @Abigail - Thank you <3


  7. such a GORGEOUS look! Love that color on you! I will def be attempting this look! xo

  8. @Nicola - Thank you girlie :)

    @Andee Layne - Thank you hun, I wans't sure how it would look on my skintone, but I think it turned out okay :) Ah great! Let me know how you get on!


  9. xnwjkdcnw.

    this is my favourite look youve ever done! its amazing! :)


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