Monday, 26 July 2010

Weekend in pictures

Hey ladies,
Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Mine was pretty good :) I love reading posts of something 'in pictures' so I thought I would put one up - although I need a bit more pratice considering I forgot to take pictures of a lot of it! Lol.

Saturday morning/afternoon I went to see Toy Story 3 with my boyf and his little brother and sister... eeeek! Toy Story 1 is my all time favourite film, and I was super excited to see it. Recommend everyone to go and watch - but don't forget the hankies!
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I had to take my poor little kitty to the vets on saturday evening, turns out she'd been attacked by another cat and had a gaping wound at the top of her tail :( it was really distressing in the vet's room but after a course of antibiotics and an injection, she should be on the mend! Otherwise my little girl will have to have an op!

Now, my Dean isn't exactly talented when it comes to the kitchen (he'd burn a salad) which means he hasn't cooked for me in the whole time I've been with him (coming up to 2 years)... so when he offered to cook fajitas on Saturday night I was filled with joy, but also fear! But I'm still alive so well done boo ;)
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On Sunday aftertoon we always go round to Dean's nan's where she cooks a sunday lunch with all the trimmings. She's the sweetest lady (along with his grandad) and I love her so much! As most men do, Dean without fail, will fall asleep on the sofa. Now, be warned, don't fall asleep around me otherwise I'll put you in silly positions and get snap happy! ;)

Sunday night Dean's auntie was having a bit of a birthday bash and so, I ejoyed one too many vodka and cokes, but there we go! I love family bashes... and Dean's family are sooo lovely and treat me as one of their own, so I can't complain!

Keep an eye out for more of these posts... they will get better I promise! Lol.


  1. Aw i hope your cat gets better quickly, my cat had the same problem but had to have an op :( x

  2. haha, your boyfriend looks lovely! haha, love this post, toy story 3 was V. good! so sad!xxxxxxx

  3. @JC - thank you! im hoping she won't need one, so fingers crossed :)

    @Imogen - haha, i won't tell him that... his head won't fit through the door! i knowww, a film for children brought me to proper, physical tears!!


  4. I loved toy story 3 as well, it was so good I saw it last Thurs. Congrats to you and the bf on the upcoming 2 year anniversary!!

    Sounds like a great weekend of fun and frolicks xxx


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