Thursday, 5 August 2010

4 things

Hello prettys,
I was just tagged by the lovely Nichola to do the '4 things' tag, and I actually really wanted to do it... I love reading, as well as posting tags because I feel like you're getting to know me a bit better, rather than just the beauty obssessed side of me (although that's a large portion of me)!

Thanks Nichola for tagging me, and I recommend you to all go and have a look at her blog... I garuntee you will get hair envy, it's the most beautiful length and colour!!

4 Things Found In My Bag
Bottle of water - I'm really trying to drink as much as I can recently
Umbrella - England is too unpredictable to be found without one!
Bobby pins - they can come in handy for the most unsual things
MAC Fix+ - literally addicted to it, anyone else??

4 Things Found In My Purse
Tonnes upon tonnes of receipts - my purse needs a good old clear out
Shakeaway card - can't resist the wide choice of yummy milkshakes
Tattoo design - incase I have a 'spur of the moment' moment!
A photo of Dean - we're mega cheesey!!

4 Favourite Things In My Room
My bed - if any interupts our bonding time, they're in trouble!
Alarm radio - I love to get ready to Moylesey in the mornings
Photo's - I love flicking through my old (and new) pictures
Make up - where would we be without it?!

4 Things Ive Always Wanted To Do
Tone up - there's a few wobbly bits I'd like to dissappear
Cook the perfect brownie - why the wobbly bits exist!
Go into MAC without a budget - self explanitory ;)
Skydive - adrenaline junkie, yupp

4 Things Im Currently Into
The less is more approach to foundation - my skin is behaving
Blood doning - I have my first appointment next Friday :)
Smoothies - I've be blitzing to my heart's content
Lipgloss - I'm usually much more of a l/s girl!

4 Things I Bet You Didnt Know About Me
I have 4 neices and 3 newphews - yay for big families!
I've seen the Rolling Stones live - pretty awesome :)
I used to be addicted to Red Bull - 4/5 cans a day!
I've never had an OPI nail varnish - it's ludacris

4 Songs I Can't Get Out Of My Head
Drake, Find your love - starting to get on my nerves a bit though :/
Dj Fresh, Goldust - something about this song, so summery
3OH!3, My first kiss - although I'm not keen on Ke$ha
Yolanda Be Cool, We no speak americano - love this

Thanks again Nichola for tagging me, really enjoyed this and hope you did too :) Now I know when I was reading through it I was hoping I was tagged, so instead of tagging four of you I tag anyone that wants to do it... I know, I know... I'm lazy ;)


  1. Really enjoyed this, am going to do it on my blog :) xxx

  2. Hi

    Thanks for mentioning me up there ^^ and my Hair :) ur tooo nice tehe!

    I enjoyed reading this!

    I dont own an OPI nail polish (my mum does thou but that doesnt count lol)so youre not alone there!

    And good luck with the blood doning, youre braver than me, i freak out at the mention of the word "blood", im so squeamish, i really needy harden up! lol

    Anyway great answers =)


  3. @missmascara1983 - haha i think it's because i'm so nosey!

    @Laura - ooh yay, can't wait to read your answers :)

    @Nichola - it's no prob :) ooh good, maybe we'll have to step on the OPI bandwagon soo ;) or maybe i'll stick to my barry m's! ah thank you, i hate blood tests so i don't even know what possessed me to sign up!


  4. Love this tag! I used to have a red bull addiction too! I once had about 14 cans in a day, pretty crazy haha. I was jumpy as anything. It also drained all my money haha. Tag posts are always so interesting because you get to find out more about the blogger than what lipgloss they're loving at the moment etc. :) xx

  5. @neekee - haha omg, exactly the same! although i became immune to the caffeine :/ lol. all my family started cutting little articles about how red bull is bad from you out of the newspapers :L so i thought i should stop! :L

    yeah i completely agree with you, i like to know about the girl/guy behind the blog! thanks for bringing your blog to my attention... i <3 it xoxo

  6. Haha yupp caffeine no longer affects me now lol. My friends were doing the same thing haha! I eventually stopped and now its just once every often.

    Yeah it is good to know who is behind the blog and gives more of an insight into themselves which i quite like. Aww thanks i really like your blog too btw :) xxx

  7. oooh im doing this tag right away!!! :)


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