Thursday, 26 August 2010


Another face of the day post today, as I quite liked the overall look and thought I'd share... nothing major!

My mouth looks very strange in this photo, I think I was mid-pose ;) lol! I really liked the lip combo I used today, it's a little more vibrant in real life, so I thought I'd swatch the combo and what not. But first, the products...
  • Boujours Healthy Mix Foundation
  • MAC Peachykeen blush
  • Elf Golden bronzer
  • Elf High Definition powder
  • A neutral brown eye using YDK and Twice Baked (Urban Decay)
  • L'Oreal Voluminous
  • NYX round lipstick Gem
  • NYX round lipstick Strawberry Milk
  • Body Shop tantalising lip butter
Okay so onto the lip combo, I really like it... it's a bright lip but a bit more wearable and I think looks beautiful on brunettes especially...
These are the products separately in their containers/tubes. L-R Body Shop Tantalising Lip Butter, NYX Gem and NYX Strawberry milk. And here they are swatched by themselves (excluding the lip butter)...

On the left is Strawberry Milk and on the right is Gem both alone. They're both a good example of NYX lipsticks, really creamy and easy to apply, not chalky at all. Strawberry Milk doesn't have any shimmer, whereas Gem has slight glitter in it (not very noticeable).

On the left are both of the lipsticks combined, with the lip butter on the top and on the right is both of the lipsticks combined, alone with nothing over the top. I love the effect the lip butter gives... it makes the shade much more wearable by giving it a sort of milky hue. The one of the left is the one that I'm wearing in the picture, and the swatch is a truer representation.

Sorry for that ginormous ramble about a couple of lipsticks and lip butter - lol! But I get very excited about these things... apparently. Oh and this lip butter smells amazing and a portion of the money goes towards the MTV Aids charity :)


  1. You look exactly like this girl i know! Haha, you look gorgeous :) Those lipsticks look amazing! Lovely post :) xo

  2. like that strawberry milkshake just the name of it makes me like it =) great look very pretty

  3. I want the lipstick, strawberry milk just because of the name & the gorgeous coloring!

  4. Ooh i love both of the nyx lipsticks! I want nyx lipsticks but I don't know where to get them :( xx

  5. I always so annoyed that we have a different kind of NYX lipstick here in Canada. We have this really gritty stuff.

    New follower. If you get a chance, please check out my blog. I just posted the result of my 'dare to wear challenge' in which I dared my subscribers to recreate a look posted on my blog. I'll be posting another one next week. I also have monthly giveaways and will be posting my September giveaway in a couple of weeks. Finally, I will be having a giveaway for an Urban Decay Naked Palette when I hit 300 subscribers.


  6. @Laura - haha how strange! thank you hun, glad you enjoyed :)

    @Kandie - lol, the name is pretty cute...

    @Kasey - haha! i love when people ask me what i'm wearing and i get to say 'strawberry milk' lol!

    @Ariel - thanks chick :)

    @Neekee - i get them from you do have to pay a bit of shipping, but the lipsticks are so cheap it doesn't really matter

    @Alicia - ahh thats a shame, maybe you could it would be worth it if you get the good stuff :) lol (that's if they ship to canada, im not sure sorry). Yeah of course I'll check out your blog :)


  7. you look really fresh and beautiful, must try these!
    Great blog! Be back soooon! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.
    Happy Friday! :) x


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