Monday, 16 August 2010

'I deserve a treat' Haul

Hey ladies (and gents),
As I said last Friday... I passed my theory, I thought I deserved a treat ;) and I was going to go and pick up a couple of goodies from MAC but decided to take a detour in a few other shops and a few bits caught my eye. Looks like MAC will have to wait :(

I got these mid/dark wash skinny jeans... and they fit so well! For me, anyway, I find it really hard finding jeans that fit really snug... but also really comfortably at the same time. And these hit the nail on the head! The denim is stretchy so it's fine if you had a big dinner the night before ;)  
Skinny Jeans | Peacocks £20|

I know, I know... a coat in the middle of August? I thought it was best to grab the chance because it gets the winter and I'm always searching and searching for a nice warm, affordable coat and I can never find one! It also has a really cute striped lining inside the hood!
Hooded Coat |Primark £17|

I really like pyjamas with shorts... I always get hot! So I just picked up these cute baby blue and pink striped shorts that came with a grey vest top. Perfect for lounging!
PJ Set |Primark £3.50|

Another pair of cute ruffley flats, woo! I go through black flats so quickly! It seems that Primark are currently a bit obsessed with 'wide fit' shoes, as the last flats I bought from there were too. My feet aren't wide... so that sucks a bit. But if you struggle with shoes being too small in width... go and check out Primark atm as they have a wide range :)
Black Ruffle Flats |Primark £8|

Me and the boy went shopping for some dinner in Sainsburys (we got some enchiladas, nom nom) and I couldn't resist getting some goodies! I love original source shower gels, they're natural and they don't test on animals, which is always a thumbs up. I bought Olay face gradual tanner, as the face normally stays more pale than your body and I just wanted to even it up a bit. Let you know how this goes?
Sure Deodorant |2 for £3|
L'Oreal Kids Detangler |£1.75 (ish)|
Olay Gradual Face Tan |£7.99|
Original Source Shower Gel |£1.99|
Bath Lily |£1|

What's been your favourite purchase recently?


  1. Well done on passing lovely :)
    You got some great bits, love the jeans & the coat ♥ xxx

  2. Yayyyyy! Detangler! Iv gone through 2 bottles of this since buying it.

    Gorgeous haul love xxxx

  3. lovely haul!love the jammys:)x

  4. i really like the coat! bargain! :D xxxx

  5. Good for you treating youself. I love Primark pj's x

  6. I've nominated you for a award check it out on my blog! xxxx

  7. I love the shoes! Well done on passing :D xxx

  8. Lovely haul. I love the jeans and the shoes. xx

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  10. @Steph - thank you hun :) i felt a bit strange buying a coat in the middle of summer lol, but now i just feel oorganised ;)

    @Laura - it smells sooo good, and works so well. your post reminded me to pick some up. think i might move onto the shampoo and conditioner, lol!

    @Irene - thanks chick, not bad for £3.50!

    @Chloe - you can always rely on Primark for a cheap thrill, ey?

    @Em - oh same, they're so comfy... and even if they don't last long they were only £3.50!

    @Kandie - hopefully it will keep me warm in the winter :)

    @Lisa - ah thank you, that's really sweet. i'll post it soon!

    @Neekee - thank you :)

    @Ansa - a good pair of jeans is hard to come by, i hope they last!

    @Jet - thank you :) it's great to know you're enjoying it



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