Thursday, 12 August 2010

In pictures: Lazy day!

Hello sweets,
I don't think I'm alone in saying that some days you just do not want to leave your pit - instead wanting to wallow in duvets and pillows, lounge around in your jammies watching sitcoms, romcoms or reality tv. Well guess what? Today was one of those days! :) As I'm on summer holidays, duvet days are so much more available to me, and I'm taking full advantage of it ;) I thought I'd share little snippets of my duvet day with you guys... boring as it may be!

There's nothing like viewing a box set from the comfort of your own bed. Friends is also my box set of preference... I love friends, with a passion and I often find myself in real life situations saying 'oh my god this is just like the friends when...' or quoting it to my heart's content! Today I opted for season 4, lol!

I don't clean my brushes as often as I should, but today I decided I should give them a good old deep clean with olive oil, then baby shampoo and warm water. I love having clean brushes, but it's so deflating the next morning when they're all dirty again! :(

A large portion of my afternoon was spent going through endless hazard perception clips... mega, mega boring but hey ho, I want me a car!

I feel like my lazy day watching friends and just generally mooching about was slightly justified by the fact that I organised my make up, hopefully in a much easier manner. Thought I'd show you my favourite drawer... the lipstick drawer! Love lipsticks, and the collection is growing slowly :)

And to top off my very active day (pffft) my dad returned home with a very tasty Indian. I opted for the chicken tikka, pilau rice, salad, onion salad, poppadoms and garlic naan. Oops? Looks like tomorrow the Davina DVD is going to be on repeat! On a side note - I really need to get back into that DVD. I really liked it and if I continued it I think I might  have seen results. Any other fitness DVDs you can recommend that will help me tone tum and bum?

So yup that was my extremely boring day in pictures. I hope you haven't fallen asleep. What's that? Maybe my outfit was a bit more exciting?


  1. omg, I'm just the same with Friends! I always do little quotes from it in day to day life! I think I may have seen every episode like 100 times?!

    Haha, it still doesn't get old!:) I think it's the only TV show that I could watch forever :)

  2. I was so hungover I stayed in bed til 3.45 and i left for work at 4.15 ahaha!
    I'm currently watching my scrubs boxset, but you've made me want to switch to friends- can't be bothered though.

    I love duvet days. xxx

  3. yumm that food looks yummy , I need one of those days!!!

  4. Duvet days are the way forward, especially as I'm fasting now and I can't be bothered to do anything during the day as I get really hungry! Friends boxset ftw! xxx

  5. I've had a super lazy day too, havn't stepped foot out of the house apart from buying some skittles down the shop! haha
    That indian looks loooooovely, i always get chicken tikka aswell yumyum!


  6. omg! I have the whole friends series as well <3 it!!! ;) it was in my london haul :) bday prezie from my brother :D

  7. Haha, such classic DVDs ^^


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