Saturday, 21 August 2010

Love for...

Okay so today I wanted to do a little post about something that I love, but that a lot of other people seem to do anything to cover them up. What am I talking about? Freckles!

I adore freckles, I have a small smattering of them on my nose in the summer... and I wish I had more actually. I have a few friends that have a beautiful ammount of freckles on their face and they wish they weren't there! It upsets me when I see people applying concealer and foundation in an attempt to cover them up. But each to their own...

I understand how people might be insecure about them, because not everyone thinks they're pretty, and people are cruel! I kind of know how it feels because obviously I have a 'beauty mark' or mole - which was often the butt of a few jokes or jives and I went through a long period of time wanting to get it removed, and doing everything I could to disguise it blah, blah, blah... but it's a part of me and why should I change according to what other people think of me??

Freckles are beautiful! And so are all of you girlies, someone out there loves your 'imperfections' so don't hide them away. And just to prove my point I'm gonna put some photo's below of beautttttiful people thanks to weheartit!

Embrace your freckles my lovelies! :D


  1. I love freckles, I only get them when I get really tan but I wish I had more :) x

  2. I completely agree with you! I wish I had freckles! I have some on my nose, but my mom and brother have a ton!

    BTW you look soo pretty and tan in this photo!!!

  3. i agree, having just the right ammount of freckles is very beautiful!,X

  4. I wish I had freckles! Agree, they're beautiful!

  5. I always thought they look beautiful!

  6. You look gorgeous in that photo!
    I have Auburn hair/dark ginger which means I have brown eyebrows and black eyelashes like 'non ginges' haha but I still have a sprinkle of freckles. I also have some on my knees which my friends think are adorable :S

  7. Freckles can be really nice but unfortunatly i dont like mine lol x

  8. I think I'm in the small minority of people that has a lot of freckles and actually likes them. They do make me look younger than I am (a little too cutesie I guess!) but I don't cover them up... my boyfriend loves them. So hey, they're doing something right! x

  9. Freckles are the best makes people unique

    great post !!

  10. I've always thought freckles are cute. Sometimes I wish I had them :P xx

  11. I don't have freckles but I understood why people liked to cover them up! It definitely adds more to a personality and a look

  12. love your hair in this photo. and i'm all about covering up or doing away with pimples, but freckles can stay. they add personality.

    i follow your blog now; feel free to check out my site and follow me too.

  13. What a great post :) and such gorgeous pics! I love freckles and definitely don't have enough! Lovely blog. City Girl x


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