Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Product Rave: 2true

Hello beautiful people,
I just wanted to do a quick product rave. My mum recently gave me 3 nail polishes because she decided she liked her nails better au naturale (obviously adopted??). When I first saw them, I saw the brand and did turn up my nose a bit, I know, I know. Now I'm all for drugstore products, in fact most of my make up is drugstore... but this brand I'd just never tried anything from, and they're just so cheap I thought they could never compare to the Barry M's of the nail polish world.

So, the brand in questions is 2true - which is available in most Superdrug stores. As far as I'm aware you can only get it in superdrug, sort of like a Natural Collection or 17 at Boots. They sell for £1.95 each but they're on offer now... 3 for £5.

These nail polishes don't have names, only numbers... which annoys me slightly, but I can deal with it lol. They are 'glossywear' polishes, do you expect the outcome to be quite shiny (doesn't disappoint). They also make quite a bold claim to last for 5 days on the nails! 

Shade No. 14 - A beautiful navy blue which is brightened by the gorgeous blue glitter inside. Not chunky glitter, very, very fine glitter. It looks beautiful in every sort of light. Other than purple, navy nails are my favourite.

Shade No. 41 - A beautiful telephone box red, again brightened with tiny red glitter particles. It's a really nice bright red for a classic nail with a twist (the glossyness).

Shade No. 35 - This is kind of a dusty rose/pink with lots of sliver glitter, again not chunky, fine but there is a lot of it. In the bottle this is my least favourite and I thought I'd dislike this, but when I did a quick swatch on my nail it was really pretty and unusual. Think I'll wear this at new year!

Now for a quick NOTD and what I think of these polishes and their claims...
First off... the application. Amazing. I didn't have any kind of hopes, especially as the first coat didn't give much colour, however the second coat gave the exact colour in the bottle and I was really impressed. The brush is so easy to use, and the application is smooth. The consistency isn't too thick, nor too watery.

Does it last 5 days? I'd say... at a squeeze! It's my fourth day of wearing this polish and so far Ive only got very slight 'typing' wear that any nail polish suffers from... but no big chips to report about. That is without wearing a base coat or topcoat.

Overall I was really pleasantly surprised by these polishes and I think I might pop out and buy some more! I've never really noticed these in Superdrug, and I've never seen them floating around on blogs... I really recommend them, for £1.95 you cant go wrong and they have a reasonable collection of colours. 

Have you ever tried any of these? What product has surprised you the most?


  1. I have shade 14 too. I've looked at the other colours but none really interest me. They should do a larger range! Great post! xx

  2. I haven't tried these ones, but they do some others which are quite bright and in tall, thin bottles and I really like them!

  3. Those colors are stunning especially the navy blue!


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