Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Review: Elf Kabuki Face Brush

Bonjour bambinos,
Yup I'm hitting you with the second Elf review, again... for another brush. This time, the Kabuki Face Brush.

This is one of the brushes from their studio line and is actually available for £5.00 whereas the others are £3.50 I'm not too sure why... It's quite small and compact, so perfect for slipping into your make up bag leaving plenty of room for more products. The hairs are synthetic and are vegan friendly if that's something that is important to you - which is great.

There are plenty of bristles, which are loosely packed and not very dense at all. I think this is greaaat thing as it makes for very quick application! The brush is small enough to give a flawless application of bronzer as well as highlighter. However, my favourite use for this brush is applying powder. Because the bristles are flimsy it covers a large area in one go, leaving a non-powdery finish on the skin. It's also very good at blending out over-done blush or bronzer.

There was absolutely no shedding whatsover from this brush - something that I was certain was going to happen. It washed very well, again with no shedding at all and kept it's shape perfectly. This is by far the softess brush I've ever felt! Even after many uses, many washes it's been left as good as new, and so velvety.

Before this I was using the Boujours kabuki - terrible, terrible, terrible! Nobody purchase it... it doesn't wash properly, sheds a hella lot and looses it's softness. But this Elf Kabuki is a great little brush and for £3.50 you can't go wrong!


  1. I love this brush and use it daily without fail. Have to agree with it, it is sooo soft. I love it!


  2. Oo i may have to pick this up in my next order :)

  3. I've been lemming this for a long time!!


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