Monday, 23 August 2010

Review: Elf Powder Brush

Hello ladies and gents,
Today I'm gonna do a review on a product that there's been a lot of raving about, and I can confirm that the raving is backed up by this fabulous brush! Of course, it's Elf's Powder Brush...

This brush looks very sleek in it's shiny black packaging, as do all of the brushes from the Studio line and can be bought for £3.50.

This is a flat top brush, with densely packed bristles. There are so many uses for this brush and I absolutely love it - it's so versatile and such good quality for a few quid!

This amazed me when I used it to apply my liquid foundation, which I usually use my MAC 187 for. It does an equally good job as my MAC brush, if not a bit better... dare I say? Because the bristles are so densely packed, it really buffs the foundation into the skin, give flawless coverage, as well as a kind of 'skin' finish. Which is what we all strive for.. make up that looks natural and as if it is our own skin, right? I love this for liquid foundation application and found it very easy to apply.

Another use is bronzer and blusher, as well as contour. This is good for apply Sheertone blushes, I find I need to dip my brush in a few times when using a Sheertone blush such as Pink Swoon... but with this brush it seems to pick up a lot more of a the product giving desired colour. You can also use the edges of this brush to contour the cheeks, and then use the top to blend it out - which is great!

But, what I've been using this for most frequently is using my HD powder. It packs on enough of it to give the wanted affect, but then buff it out so well... making sure the cakey, powder look stays at bay!

I cannot recommend this brush highly enough, you can definitely find a use for it no matter who you are, and is so cheap!!


  1. Love this brush!
    I'm really loving ELF brushes at the minute :)

  2. This will be going on my wishlist..great review..i defo need this in my life!!

  3. MUST try this out! Thanks for the review!

  4. I have this but I think the head is going to fall off soon! D=

  5. i think elf makes some of the best brushes around.

  6. Love this brush its great for apply liquid foundation but a real bugger to clean so I just end up buying new ones haha super cheap so why not lol x

  7. @Shannon - me too! they're such good value for money :)

    @Hannah - yay! it just has sooo many uses

    @Martine - oh well i'm glad you liked the review and found it helpful, you won't be dissapointed!

    @ChicGeek - i'm happy you found it useful :)

    @Kandie - it sure is! im defs feeling the love for it lol

    @Lisa - ah thats a shame, just pop it back on with superglue. lol, thats what i did to my MAC 187... even though fo £20 something you wouldn't expect that to happen!

    @Cheryl - they definitely do, it makes you wonder why MAC etc. brushes are so darn expensive!

    @Juicygirl - haha! well for £3.50 a pop you might as well!


  8. Definitely my favourite ever brush :) x


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