Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Slight change

Hey babies,
On Thursday I took a quick trip to the hairdressers. It was nothing drastic, or even much of a change - just a trim and tidy up of the layers. I always get bored of my hair, so easily... when I got home the box of dye stashed away in my bathroom caught my eye...

I really like the Casting Creme Gloss dyes, the hair dye smell is still there, but it's not as prominent as others. It didn't sting my scalp like the Clairol Nice N Easy does sometimes. The results where nothing major, just a bit darker and just gave my hair that shine that I love! My old dye had started to fade too, so it just gave me a nice all over colour again :)

I was umming and ahhing for a while about going lighter, but most of my friends say they prefer my hair darker and I think I agree :)

Have you ever had any hair dye disasters??


  1. My mum convinced me when I was about 14 that bleaching a bit of my fringe would look cool so I let her and it was hideous I had 2 thick yellow streaks of hair that look ages to grow out.. never again with the bleach lol x

  2. looks gorgeous! Your hairs so shiny and nice :) xx

  3. loveeee this colour. pretty girl xxx

  4. Great colour, it looks gorgeous on you and so healthy!

  5. wow your hair looks so lovely and shiny!

  6. So shiny!!!!1

  7. that's funny I just dyed my hair with that same brand of box color and my hair feels dry =(


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