Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Small Haul

Hello beauts,
Yesterday I went to lunch with one of my best friends Kelly, and of course as usual... we wandered down off to the shops afterwards. Kelly is leathal to go shopping with, I was supposed to spend £0 and ended up coming up with a few new bits and pieces. Anyways, onto what I got - it's all pretty boring I must admit!

Striped Vest £14 |Peacocks|
I love this little vest, looks great over a simple tee or vest top! The gold buttons also have emobssed anchors, I tried to take a photo but the camera just wouldn't pick it up... typical!

Dark Grey waterfall Cardigan - £7.99
Roll up sleeve striped tee - £7.99
|Both H&M|
 As you can probably tell by now... I like stripes!

Gold Owl Ring £3.99 |H&M|
Wooden Love ornament £2.50 |Range|
This is my new favourite ring, and I love this little ornament thing, I think it's so cute and was only £2.50!!!

Pack of 2 hand sanitisers £1.99 |Savers|
Nivea deoderant on offer for £1
L'Oreal Infalible foundation £10.99
|Both Boots|

Sorry this was such a boring post! Love you all!


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